Eric Rew

Eric Rew

Out of the Whirlwind
Eric Rew

Eric Rew is a vicar who has been discovering art as a way of exploring spirituality and mental health. Most recently he has been using abstract expressionism as a way of relating Job’s suffering to his own struggles, in particular how God might speak “Out of the Whirlwind” (Job 38:1-2) despite well-intentioned but unhelpful advice from friends.

Eric says: “Abstract expressionism or action painting was exemplified by Jackson Pollock. Despite (or perhaps because of) a turbulent lifestyle his intention was to try to tap into the innermost being of an artist. We might say he wanted to communicate what was in his heart and spirit rather than explain ideas of the mind.

“The pictures I have selected were painted as a way of exploring the book of Job in the Bible. They are not scenes from the story; they are not pictures in that sense. Nor are they meant to convey a particular emotion or feeling such as anger or confusion (though they might still do that).

“For each picture, I spent time reading the text, planning in outline what I might do, and then forgot about it for a few days in order to let the scripture sink in and the unconscious mind get on with it. When it came to the painting I tried not to think about it too much. The results are varied and some more pleasing to the eye than others.”

Eric Rew will be presenting his exhibition Out of the Whirlwind in the Allotment Gallery on Friday 24 August, 5pm – 9pm