Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East

Embrace the Middle East is a Christian development organisation, supporting Christian partners in the Middle East as they work to transform lives and restore the dignity of the most excluded and marginalised communities.

Where there is a need – for refuge, a home, for healthcare, for education, for justice and human rights – we, with our partners, respond. Our goal is to contribute to a culture of human flourishing in a troubled region.

We currently have 50 courageous, inspired, creative and skilled partners across Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Palestine, Egypt and Iraq, providing education, healthcare and community support. All are working to transform the lives of those most forgotten and on the margins; all are inspired by the Gospel. We feel deeply privileged to work in partnership with them and honoured to be able to bring their witness closer to people of the UK.

We encourage churches in these islands to build a bridge to our sisters and brothers in the Middle East as they work to bring transformational change to the communities they serve. We recognise their work as our work as part of the one household of God.

The Middle East is the cradle of our faith. What happens there should be of concern, interest, and delight to Christians in the UK. As part of the one household of God, we are truly ecumenical, both with our supporting churches here in the UK and the range of different Christian expressions found in the Middle East.

We work to form diverse, meaningful and reciprocal relationships with our friends in the Middle East and our friends at home. We create a sense of connection with and awareness of the life and ministry of the church in the Middle East, encouraging UK Christians to advocate, give and pray. We invite you to join us.