DJPC’s love of otherworldly electronic sounds began as a young lad in Leeds when he experienced his local community radio stations playing the emerging house sound from the U.S in the late 80s.

This grew into a love bordering on obsession with pioneering artists such as Phuture, Adonis, and Mr Fingers – as well as the sterling work of Guglielmo Marconi.

This developed into a keen ear for DJ’ing and production when he started playing records on his local community radio station and also in clubs.

These days you may have been lucky to catch him gracing the decks at RoBoDiScO, Hope house, and the Weasel free party scene.

He started producing his own music in the early 90s and his latest productions have gone full circle to combine oldskool techno with house, some of which can be found on the Tone Dropout and Cutting Shapes record labels.

He says of his new track ‘Danger Man’ on Tone Dropout Vol 6, “It’s all about the bass! “You know it’s a good tune when you see a fully grown man lose it during the breakdown!” Wow!