Cristina Gavrilovic

Cristina Gavrilovic

Cristina’s formative years were in Romania, where she experienced a growing awareness of the injustice of a broken system failing individuals living below the poverty line, experiencing domestic violence, and where children went missing.

This is an area where Cristina is a strong Ambassador for having recently won the prestigious award of Women of the Future in the Community Spirit category.

Cristina has been seeking the right education, opportunities and paths that allowed her to develop the infrastructures required to address these issues whilst supporting Kent Police and Essex Police. Cristina has implemented an inclusive model upon which strong partnerships are build and maintained and this model has won Cristina national recognition from the Marsh Awards for Outstanding Contribution to the Fight against Slavery and saw the rescue of 600 victims of slavery and human trafficking and systemic change in a number of sectors.

Cristina is a Fellow Associate of the Royal Commonwealth Society where she hopes that her work will influence and support many communities across the Commonwealth countries and engage with younger generations to build a stronger resilience against abuse and exploitation.

In her current role as the European Programme Manager working for Justice and Care, Cristina will support other Member States by strengthening victim identification and support in source countries.