Creative Giants

Creative Giants

Art has the power to effect change, inspire, stimulate and promote dialogue.

Creative Giants commission work from their network of contemporary artists, nurturing talent and supporting visual art practice.

They enhance environments and make statements through art – working with artists, institutions, non-profit organisations, events, festivals, brands and agencies.

Be sure to look out for contributions from their artists around site:

Charlie Uzzell-Edwards
Charlie Uzzell-Edwards has exhibited globally. His solo exhibit, curated by DK Johnston, channeled Andy Warhol, creating a body of work rooted in repetition art and showcasing his trademark eye drips in a series of hand-finished fine prints on paper and canvas.

Joe Webb
Joe Webb (1976) creates hand made collages with a message. Webb reimagines found imagery using simple and concise edits to make thought provoking artworks. He tackles issues such as the environment, war, inequality – and questions our place in the universe asking us to become more aware, conscious and content.

Jim Sanders
Sanders’ work has a great affinity with Primitive, Outsider, or non Western Art, sharing their common concern with universal experiences of birth, love, sex, reproduction and death.
By employing contemporary art methodologies,referencing a vast range of visual languages, and anthropological connections, he pulls the past into the present
Sanders makes comparisons between disparate social interactions across time in order to find and frame the essential questions of existence.
He uses basic natural materials, discarded objects, a plethora of kitsch reliquaries and transforms them, restoring them to a strangely potent state of being. The resulting articulated sculptural objects are monumental, often taking the form of an altar or shrine. His work is often ritualistic, but at the same time, anarchic, non-conformist, disputing the religious readings of his iconic contents.

Dr D
Graffiti artist Dr D is from London and makes her street art using a cut and paste technique on existing notices and billboards. She carefully doctors these billboards turning mass produced advertising on its head and making both critical and humourous statements.Her Tube Series of prints are a tongue in cheek look at the announcements you can hear every day on the London Underground. These prints in the style of notices produced by London Underground have been doctored by Dr D and were originally posted up on Tube trains and stations.

Darren Cullen
Darren Cullen is an artist and political cartoonist whose artwork satirises topics ranging from the insidious nature of advertising to the culpability of the Santa lie and armed forces recruitment propaganda. In 2014, his anti-army recruitment comic Join the Army was added to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s permanent collection.

Dan Hillier
Dan is acclaimed for his black line engravings that embody the ‘Steampunk’ aesthetic, combining Victorian sensibilities with a fascination for animal attributes. His work is characterised by depictions of fantastical human/animal hybrids, spliced together from late-1800s imagery.

Citizen Skwith.
I try not to take things at face value, or take things for granted.
My work often subverts the everyday, or elevates the ordinary.
Occasionally, it just fills a space on a wall.