CODE, presented by Justice in Motion

CODE, presented by Justice in Motion

The phone vibrates… a message… times, numbers, deals… and a warning. All in code. So young and so troubled. At home, in school, on the street. There’s no way out – is there?

CODE, Justice in Motion’s urban odyssey into County Lines and Knife Crime, is a spectacular blend of physical theatre, parkour and trials bike stunts with live rap and music. On an urban playground, skilled athletes and performers show what is happening to our young people exploited by organised drug crime gangs.

This story could be happening right now. See inside the County Lines through up-close, dazzling, adrenaline-fuelled, audacious story-telling inspired by true case studies.

Justice in Motion is a physical theatre company that sheds light on social injustices.

Social justice is a wide field that includes freedoms, mental and physical health, personal safety from harm, the ability to grow and flourish as well as encouraging creativity in many forms. And of course this applies to everyone.

Their work highlights such issues. Through live and digital shows, talks and exhibitions, we reach out and touch as many people as possible, of all ages and backgrounds. Young people, professional artists and enthusiasts can discover ideas, skills, physical expression and wellness in our classes, workshops and residencies.

They aim for the top – as the leading physical theatre company using powerful art to change lives. They continue to raise awareness, inspire debate, action and change through high quality work with our audiences and participants, our creative collaborators, fans and our donors and funders.

The show features scenes of threat, violence, high volume music, and reference to drugs.

Targeted to young people aged 12+ but suitable for younger audiences too, plus their families/carers