Fr. Azariah France-Williams

Fr. Azariah France-Williams

Fr. Azariah France-Williams is Pioneer priest at the Ascension Hulme, a member of the HeartEdge church network.

The role will involve revitalising the Ascension through the HeartEdge network which are churches which coalesce around four C’s, congregations, culture, commerce, and compassion. Prior to this appointment he served on a placement at St Martin-in-the-Fields Trafalgar Square, London.

Azariah has been a priest with the Church of England for 10 years. For the first 6 years he ministered on a group of housing estates in an area of deprivation His role included some community organising, creating social events, and supporting people in great need. The next 4 years Fr. Azariah France-Williams spent in a Suburban setting, enjoying many a coffee, enduring many a ParkRun, and loving roaming the parish and hearing many a tale.

He holds a MPhil in theology from Bristol University, a Masters degree in Mission, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in theology. Azariah is a visiting scholar in Bible for Sarum College based in Salisbury, and he used to lecture for Westminster Theological Centre in Christianity and Contemporary society.

He has recently turned in the manuscript of his first book ‘Ghost Ship’ which will be published in the summer and charts institutional racism and the Church of England. He enjoys true life storytelling, has had some training in mime, and enjoys singing and writing poetry.