Apirana Quartet

Apirana Quartet

Specialising in blues and gospel, Steve is a gifted communicator, highly skilled guitarist and vocalist, with an extraordinary sense of humour.

He played in Butler in the seventies, The Velvettes in the eighties and has toured the gospel circuit solo for the last twenty years. Ainsley’s vocals, guitar, piano, whistles and flutes add another dimension to Steve’s performance.

Steve with his Maori culture and street level upbringing, and Ainsley with her Scottish origins and classical training, together bring an insight into life from all sides as they share their stories and sing their songs, both originals and covers.

Molly and Reuben join their parents with vocals and guitar to bring some of their own songs and add flavour to those of the older generation.

Steve and Ainsley with Molly and Reuben, perform a mix of originals, gospel songs and covers. They share their cultures, their songs, and their stories, bringing a message of hope and encouragement to the new generation.

Surviving 32 years of multicultural marriage has given them insight and understanding into relationships and how to survive the day-to-day traumas of life. Five of their six children are talented in the arts and three currently pursue careers in the field. They live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.