Alcuna Wilds

Alcuna Wilds

Alcuna Wilds is a British/Dutch band based in the Netherlands.

The band creates electronic-infused trip rock, combining atmospheric soundscapes, driving beats and strong melodic riffs, with rich, melancholic vocals. Formed of members from both sides of the North Sea, these diverse influences contribute to their distinctive sound.

Their second E.P., ‘Murmuration Season’ was released in October 2016, with their single ‘Mountains’ reaching 17 in the Dutch ‘Free40 Indie Chart’.

Alcuna Wilds have chalked up over 70 shows throughout the Netherlands, U.K., Germany and Belgium. They have had the privilege of playing in some of the Netherland’s top music venues, such as The Sugarfactory (Amsterdam), Ekko (Utrecht), Willem II (Den Bosch), Hedon (Zwolle) and Patronaat (Haarlem), and at festivals such as the Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam (Liberation Day Festival), State X New Forms (The Hague), and Surfana Festival (Bloemendaal). The band have supported both national and international acts, such as Thought Forms (U.K.), Dralms (CA), Throws (U.K.), Tears & Marble (NL) and Bells of Youth (NL).

With the Summer festival season approaching, the band will be returning to the U.K. for several festival appearances, before extensively touring the Netherlands in the Autumn, as part of the handpicked Popronde tour promoting upcoming talent.

The debut album is expected in early 2018.