Amal artist in residence – Greenbelt 2017

Amal artist in residence – Greenbelt 2017

As a part of AMAL @ Greenbelt (a brand new venue and programme this summer, showcasing Muslim art, culture, thought and spirituality) we are excited to introduce Mohammed Ali as our 2017/18 Artist-in-Residence.

Ali, a Birmingham-based artist and producer, has been a long-time supporter of Greenbelt. He will join us in the AMAL @ Greenbelt tent for the entire festival reviewing, participating and evaluating the offerings and will take his experience and use it to shape his own artistic intervention at Greenbelt 2018.

You can be introduced to Ali at the Welcome to AMAL @ Greenbelt session on Friday at 5:30pm and hear his thoughts and reflections in more detail on Monday at 3pm.

More about Mohammed Ali:

Art meets faith, identity and social change in Mohammed Ali’s work, adorning the canvas of walls and public spaces and continues to change the visual landscapes of the cities we live in.

His art has inspired and informed a new generation across the globe, to boldly express their identity and ideals.

Ali’s ethos of “taking art to the people” has evolved to combine street art with live performances, installations, digital projections and moving soundscapes. He has created truly immersive experiences for audiences throughout the world. From street canvases in New York, Amsterdam, London, and Melbourne, to intimate performances in the Vatican, Ali has used his art and collaborations with critically acclaimed musicians and poets to produce unique experiences.

His work serves as a bridge, bringing together communities divided by culture, faith, and ethnicity. Ali’s complex exploration of challenging social issues through Art, provide transformative and radical tools to counteract challenges facing society.

In 2008, Ali established Soul City Arts a global arts movement bringing together artists, activists, and communities. It was driven by a shared commitment to transform society. Ali describes his approach as ‘shifting mindsets’. His formula is to combine creative expressions with strategic visioning, and has been awarded commissions with international NGO’s, corporations, and charities.

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