Activism with Sarah Corbett

Activism with Sarah Corbett

This week we’re talking about activism and kindness with the inspiring activist and creator of the Craftivist Collective, Sarah Corbett. We hear about Sarah’s remarkable journey growing up as the daughter of activists who campaigned for social change around the world, and her subsequent journey into activism as a career.

Sarah’s work challenges traditional ideas of activism as loud and confrontational, as well as what constitutes a campaign ‘win’. Her gentler, more empathetic approach has brought some amazing results. Sarah talks us through some of her success stories as well as about how being kinder to yourself and others is an effective way to change the world.

We also hear from Katherine and Paul about why they’re still not over not being in the fields with thousands of Greenbelters this year, who their dream bookings would be, and what we have planned for our virtual Greenbelt this summer. 

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Sarah Corbett grew up in an activist family and has worked as a professional campaigner for over ten years, most recently with Oxfam. She started doing craftivism (craft + activism) in 2008 as a reaction to traditionally more aggressive or ‘quicker’ forms of activism. Due to demand Sarah set up the global Craftivist Collective in 2009, which now has thousands of supporters across the world taking part in her craftivism projects.
Twitter: @Craftivists
Facebook: @CraftivistCollective
Instagram: @craftivists



Craftivist Collective

Craftivist Collective campaigning for living wage (Rosa Parks Hankie) 

Positive News Magazine 



Gentle Protest: how gentleness can be a powerful tool in activism (2017) 

A spoonful of craft helps the activism go down (2017)


00:00 – Welcome to Somewhere To Believe In
00:30 – Katherine and Paul catch up
04:30 – Katherine and Paul talk about Greenbelt Festival 2020
10:40 – Messages from listeners
14:17 – Introducing Sarah Corbett and her work
14:50 – Sarah joins the conversation
15:40 – Sarah on Greenbelt Festival
16:43 – Sarah on how she got into activism
19:20 – Sarah on being an introverted activist
20:58 – Sarah on faith and Jesus
22:46 – Sarah on activism as a career and avoiding burnout
24:35 – Sarah on craftivism
27:10 – Talk Snippet from #GB17 ‘Gentle Protest: how gentleness can be a powerful tool in activism’
38:50 – Sarah on seeing the best in people
40:08 – Sarah on other forms of activism 
41:20 – Sarah on anger
43:14 – Sarah on the personal benefits of gentle activism
48:00 – Katherine and Paul reflect on the conversation with Sarah
57:18 – Coming up in next week’s episode
57:30 – How to get in touch with us
59:30 – Thank you’s


A huge thanks to the Greenbelt Volunteer Talks Team for all their hard work on editing this episode. Our podcast music is ‘I Can Change’ by Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires.