1 week. 4 numbers.

1 week. 4 numbers.

One week on from Greenbelt 2016, here are four numbers that we like:


That’s how many big buckets full of lego you gave at the Sunday morning communion service to go out to Soweto. Thank you. That’s heaps of lego going out to Ilamula House, home to 20 vulnerable, abused and orphaned girls aged between 2 and 13. Thank you.


That’s the number of people who committed to becoming Greenbelt Angels and supporting the festival with regular monthly giving. Thank you. Our Angel community now make up an incredible 30% of our annual income. Thank you so much. To find out more about being an Angel, click here.


That’s how many sign-up swab tests Mike Peters’ Love Hope Strength charity stall achieved at Greenbelt – beating their all-time day record which was set at the Isle Of Wight Festival, where there were 100,000 people! Well done Greenbelt! Thank you.


That’s how many times people have viewed the wonderful photo on our Flickrstream. We’re so grateful to our volunteer photographers who work so hard to cover the festival each year. Keep checking out their work. Thank you.