Greenbelt is a registered charity. To grow and develop, we depend on the generosity and giving of people who believe that the festival is more than just an event, but part of a movement. 

Regular Giving: Greenbelt Angels

We affectionately call anyone who makes regular donations to Greenbelt one of our Angels. Greenbelt Angels provide an incredible 25% of our income. The festival simply couldn’t survive without them. Our Angel giving not only enables us to weather the storms but also to dream harder.

Angels receive insider news year-round via an email newsletter, Wing & A Prayer. And, at the festival, they are invited to a special Reception, and have access to The Angels’ Lounge (for tea or coffee with other Angels) all weekend long. Plus, Angels enjoy occasional exclusive offers and downloads. Best of all, they get to see the festival they believe in secured for the future.

Set up regular Angel giving

We keep in touch with our Angels by email – so we need to have your details right. Peter in the office looks after our Angels. You can reach him by email or by calling him on 020 7329 0038.

Already an Angel?
If you want to increase your regular giving, update your details or ask us a question about being or becoming an Angel, email Peter or call him on 020 7329 0038.

Gift Aid
We use the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) to process your giving so we can top up your donations with Gift Aid.

One-off donations

You can also support Greenbelt by making a one-off donation. It’s simple and secure to do online through the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF). Don’t forget to make sure that your giving is Gift Aided. (Gift Aid allows us to reclaim the tax you have already paid on your donation. So, on a donation of £10, we get an extra £2.50 for our work. And it doesn’t cost you a thing.)

Thank you.

One-off Donation


If Greenbelt has made a difference in your life, please consider leaving us a gift in your will, so we can secure the Festival for future generations. 

As Greenbelt is a registered charity, no inheritance tax is payable on your gift. So, in addition to supporting Greenbelt, you could also reduce the inheritance tax liability on your estate.

For further help and information, please contact Peter King, Festival Administrator on 020 7329 0038 or at in the first instance.


Tell the story

Another great thing you can do to support the festival is to tell other people about it. After all, we know that most people come to Greenbelt because of a word-of-mouth recommendation and a personal invite.

That’s why we’ve created ‘Ambassador resources’ – for you to use in encouraging others to come. 

We’ve prepared the resources with various audiences in mind – church congregations, youth groups and youth leader, and general friends and family. They include our festival promo film, Powerpoint presentations matched to those different audiences, words for newsletters and a flyer to photocopy.

Tell the story