Monday headliners: Hope & Social’s ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’

Monday headliners: Hope & Social’s ‘A Band Anyone Can Join’

We’re pleased to announce a headline set with a difference for this year’s 2016 Greenbelt Festival: Silent Stars. Bringing our Monday bill to a close will be festival favourites, Hope & Social. But this time they’re back in a different guise – with their Band Anyone Can Join. The band where you are the stars.

Here’s what they say:

“There’s nothing more exciting than trying to do the impossible; or at least the seemingly impossible. The stuff that feels like magic is happening, the stuff that feels that, in some small and positive way, it’s had an impact on someone’s life. If we can share an awesome experience with a crowd of lovely folk, it feels like we’ve achieved something; something more than selling a T-Shirt or a CD, something more than just playing a bunch of songs back to back and not interacting with people, something more important than turning a profit. It’s why we believe in the power of events and involving people in what we do.”

And we couldn’t agree more. At Greenbelt we don’t exist just to entertain festivalgoers. Greenbelters tell us they want to participate, to create, to be more than an audience. So, besides there being more workshops and conversations than ever at this summer’s festival, we’re being even more ambitious than that. We’re giving over festival Monday to Hope & Social to rehearse a band of all-comers ready for a stonking community headline set that night.

Sounds interesting? Then here’s 3 things to do…

  1. Check out their blog about the idea here
  2. Watch the video of Hope & Social’s Band Anyone Can Join at Grassington Community festival below. Bring the Happy!
  3. Join the band by filling out the from below