22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


  • Peterson Toscano

    Peterson Toscano: Whatever next?

    The simplest thing to say about Peterson Toscano is that he is a performer. Trying to pin him down further is a whole lot more difficult. His performances combine standup, drama, storytelling, burlesque and university lecture. They are witty, camp, serious and dark.

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  • Testament, Blake

    The metre’s still runnin’ – four young acts making waves, and at the festival this summer

    Rhythm, resonance and relevance are three dynamic characteristics of four formidable performers whole pick up a microphone at Boughton Park this August. They will slam, rap, let rip and roar – each in their own distinctive ways.

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  • Youth blog

    Young at heart

    If the world is your oyster when you’re young, then Greenbelt might just be a little taste of heaven for young people.

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  • Bubbles

    The Bright Field – a guest blog from Christian Aid

    When I think about my day, my week, it’s usually a headlong hurtle from one activity to the next. There is always more work than hours in the day. There are always more friends than free evenings. There are always more causes and charities to support than I have time or money. There is always, always more that I could be doing.

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  • Josephine

    A squeeze of talent

    Greenbelt is one great big sponge. Over the years we have absorbed voices and ideas from countries and cultures all over the world. So it’s fitting that three singers, in particular, who are making their way to a Greenbelt stage this year have, in their music, opened their ears and hearts to the big, wild world.

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  • Matt Haig

    Matt Haig – on prescription

    Matt Haig could be described as the cult hit of last year’s festival. On the back of his seventh novel Humans, he arrived as a Greenbelt newbie, and won so many hearts that the book became one of the year’s bestsellers in the festival bookshop. The good news is that he is coming back for more.

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  • The Bogside Mural Artists

    The Bogside Mural Artists at Greenbelt Festival 2015

    The raw power of the work of the Bogside Mural Artists has reverberated around the world. The 12 huge outside murals, painted on the side of buildings in Derry, Northern Ireland, known as the People’s Gallery, is a living reminder of the devastation and loss of life of the Troubles.

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  • Access at Boughton

    Supporting those with access needs

    My passion for disability access was rooted in my experiences attending Faith and Light as a child and then coming to Greenbelt with a L’Arche community group .

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  • Festival Fever

    We’ve caught “Festival Fever”

    AIF’s “Festival Fever” campaign and competition, launched today, is an initiative that aims to highlight the cultural and economic impact of independent festivals (like Greenbelt) – focusing on the broad experiential, multi-arts offering of its various member events.

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  • POP


    Thanks to strong sales in the run-up to our Easter Monday ticket deadline, we’re able to release a limited number of extra weekend tickets…

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