22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


  • 2013.08.26-GB13-JW-Mon--0549

    The Book Doctors – at Greenbelt Festival 2014

    Are you stuck in a literary rut? Not sure where to look to find your new favourite author? Would you like to read poetry but don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you’re travelling somewhere new and would like to be recommended some companions to read along the way?

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  • Toybox blog

    Changing the world for street children…

    New Greenbelt Associates, Toybox, are so excited for this year’s event! Partly as they will be hosting a special, uncensored and unsanitised panel debate looking at how we, as charities, organisations and individuals can really change the world for street children.

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  • Greenbelt iPhone (app)

    Download the 2014 Festival App.

    Do you want to see what’s what and who’s who before you arrive on site?

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  • Chuli Scarfe

    Circuit Training in the Hive

    My name’s Chuli Scarfe, your friendly sports coach.

    I’m here to introduce you to circuit training at Greenbelt Festival this year (in the Hive on Saturday, 11.10am and Monday at 6.15pm).

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  • Umbrella installation

    You won’t need one. But bring an old umbrella anyway!

    Closing an umbrella in Cheltenham and re-opening it at Boughton represents a transfer of covering, from one site to another. You are invited to bring an old umbrella to the festival for us to build into an installation.

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  • Luke Sital Singh - slideshow 3

    Luke Sital-Singh in conversation

    On the day of his debut album release, Luke Sital-Singh, Greenbelt Festival’s Saturday night headline for 2014, took some time out to answer some questions for us.

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  • Gaza Appeal

    Embracing the Christian communities of the Middle East

    This Greenbelt we would like to encourage you to Embrace the Christian communities of the Middle East as they seek to serve the dispossessed, the sick and the refugee. Come and visit our refugee tent, climb our wall, visit us in G-Source or come to one of our special prayer times where we will pray specifically for the people of Gaza and Iraq.

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  • Lynne

    Lynne Greaves: I can’t wait for…

    With just over one week until this year’s Greenbelt, we’re introducing you to our lovely staff team and asking them the one thing they can’t wait for at the festival…

    We catch up with Lynne, our Finance Manager, to find out what her highlights for the festival are.

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  • Tenx9

    Tenx9 at Greenbelt Festival 2014

    We began because we wanted opportunities to hear real people, even real nervous people, telling true stories from their lives. We were also a bit nervous.

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  • Daoud Nassar

    A message to Greenbelt from Daoud Nassar, Tent of Nations

    Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers in this very difficult and critical time we are going through as Palestinians.

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