22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


  • Robin Grey and Rachel Rose Reid

    Three acres and a cow

    It’s not everyone’s ambition to have three acres and a cow, but Rachel Rose Reid and Robin Grey will tell you, (well, act out) how this slogan is still a rallying cry for our everyday livelihoods.

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  • Laudate blog

    Laudato Si’ – guest blog from Christian Aid

    Wherever we are on the globe, we face fundamental and deep challenges in our common lives. Security, health, education, jobs and welfare and the lack of any or all, impact on us as individuals and communities. Anybody and everybody knows that there are important things that need to change.

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  • AL Kennedy

    One of our finest and most humane writers today

    Multi award-winning writer of 16 books, novels, short stories and non-fiction, AL Kennedy, twice included in the Granta Best of Young British novelists, is also a dramatist for stage, radio, TV and film and – as if that wasn’t enough – she is also a stand-up comedian.

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  • Kites not Drones

    Maya Evans – creative campaigner

    Come Christmas, as like as not, you’ll find Maya Evans in Afghanistan. And, appropriately enough, her yuletide mission is to spread peace and goodwill.

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  • Seriously awkward

    Seriously Awkward?

    It’s hard to know what to make of some teenagers. After all, it’s known as an awkward age. Are they children? Are they old enough to stand on their own two feet?
    It’s not an easy question and the answers are seriously awkward.

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  • Barbara Brown Taylor

    Barbara Brown Taylor: Learning to Walk in the Dark

    Barbara will be touring and speaking throughout the UK this July …

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  • The Grove

    The Grove

    Beating a path to the bright field or the dappled wood or the wind-combed ridge, the Forest Church-inspired Grove is back with a full programme exposed to the elements and watched over by the lime trees.

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  • Syrian Refugees

    Syria: the world’s ‘shameful failure’

    You would think from press coverage of the ‘Mediterranean boat people’ crisis that the ‘migrants’ are mostly from sub-Saharan Africa just looking for a better life. But this year and last the biggest single country of origin has not been African at all. It has been Syria. In 2014, according to EU figures, almost a third of those making the hazardous sea crossing to Europe were Syrian.

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  • Corin Pilling

    Tough And Gritty Community

    ‘The often tough and gritty business of building community needs moments of epiphany, of light breaking in. It’s so important to look for them and name them. That’s why this year’s Greenbelt theme; RS Thomas’ “The Bright Field” is so inspirational to our work.’

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  • Quakers at Greenbelt

    Stillness leads to action

    This year, for the first time, Quakers in Britain will have a space at Greenbelt. As a Quaker, I find Greenbelt to be a welcoming, warm place to be. Last year I saw many Quakers at Greenbelt – listening to music, taking part in panel discussions, playing games in the Jesus Arms.

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