22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


  • Story Yurt

    The Story Yurt hosted by The Christian Aid Collective

    A space where stories are shared. Stories of hope and transformation – stories of joy and inspiration. Stories where there is a tale to be told, and stories where the end is not yet decided. Welcome to the Story Yurt.

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  • Kites not Drones

    Let clear blue skies bring joy, not fear

    Quakers in Britain are working with Fly Kites Not Drones, as Ellis Brooks from the Peace Education programme explains.

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  • GB on your own

    10 tips for doing Greenbelt on your own

    Last year, we asked Greenbelters for their top tips on how to get the best festival experience if you’re attending on your own. We had an overwhelming response and the blog proved very popular. So, once again, here’s our top list of suggestions on how to get the best Greenbelt experience. In no particular order…

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  • Embrace blog

    A change is as good as a rest?

    The situation is already acute, but the war in Syria shows no signs of abating and the whole of the future of the Middle East continues to rest on a knife edge.

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  • Bishop Pushpa Lalitha

    300 years young – Us

    As a 300 year-old charity, this year’s theme of the Bright Field strongly resonates with Us. It would be easy to be disheartened by the huge inequality we see around us but we’ve learned to take the long view. We know that the world’s problems can’t be solved overnight but we also know that when we work together our work can and does lead to lasting change.

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  • Seriously Akward

    Too old or too young?

    When does a child become an adult? At what age should teenagers be able to vote, join the army or do so many other things? Are they old enough for the responsibility or too young and need greater protection?

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  • Katharine Welby Roberts

    Whole Person Community

    Disability and community engagement charity Livability will be at Greenbelt to explore themes of community and wellbeing. Katharine Welby Roberts is a Livability Associate and supports the charity’s work to raise awareness for mental health in the UK Church.

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  • GB14 Communion Mpho Tutu and Becca Stevens

    Worship and Spirituality programming at Greenbelt 2015

    Some would say that the whole of the festival is an act of worship. But here’s a blog that tries to flag some of the specific things to look out for and look forward to in this year’s worship programme at Greenbelt.

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  • XLP showcase

    XLP young artists’ Glade mainstage showcase at Greenbelt 2015

    This year at Greenbelt, we’re excited to give over a slot on our Glade Big Top mainstage to showcase some up and coming young musical talent – courtesy of our friends at XLP.

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  • Robin Grey and Rachel Rose Reid

    Three acres and a cow

    It’s not everyone’s ambition to have three acres and a cow, but Rachel Rose Reid and Robin Grey will tell you, (well, act out) how this slogan is still a rallying cry for our everyday livelihoods.

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