Quilting Bee: The Silent Stars Quilt

Quilting Bee: The Silent Stars Quilt

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes is a vicar, historian and writer – and a keen quilter and budding textile artist.

She has been sewing since childhood, and was first taught patchwork by her grandmother. She has recently started a new blog about quilting and felting, and is working with a group of local women to create a new piece of textile art for her church.

Anne Bennett is a vicar and writer whose textiles passion is primarily yarn-based. She is accomplished in a wide range of knitting and crocheting techniques.

They are passionate about the potential for textile arts to bring people together, encouraging all ages to rediscover the delights of playing with colour and form, and producing collaborative community art using simple and historic techniques.

They have rebranded themselves as Craftio Davina Check out their new website. https://craftiodivina.org