The way the week works

If you come and spend a #GBWildAtHome week with us, here’s what you can expect to find each day.


Mon / Light the fire

Fire up your week with something to think about, courtesy of the inspirational people who make Greenbelt what it is: from the artists and speakers to the hundreds of volunteers and small staff team. At the outset of another week in our weird new world, let’s broaden our horizons from the small spaces we’re confined to and rediscover our connectedness to the wider community we’re still a part of. Think of it as kindling for your week (and mind).

Tue / Our favourite things

No-one loves Tuesdays, do they? And it’s sometimes at this point when the week feels unconquerable. So when the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you’re feeling sad, we thought we could all do with some of our favourite things. Just put your feet up and enjoy a weekly showcase of the festival’s most loved, homegrown shows online. Beginning with Harry Baker’s Woken Spurred spoken word show and Martyn Joseph’s The Rising. Expect great artistry and intimacy from all your stone-cold festival favourites.

Wed / Brave new world

How are we going to live when this is all over? This is our day for sharing brilliant ideas, inspiration and resources for making change happen in the brave new world – even if we feel like the impact we can make is restricted right now. As Margaret Mead famously wrote: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Thu / Every day’s a school day

School’s out for summer. Well, spring and summer, in fact. But, worry not! With Greenbelt, every day’s a school day. Thursdays are going to be an opportunity to learn and do something new – with those you can be with right now, no matter their ages. So, young and old and all those in between – let’s juggle, craft, dance, make and create together, with a craft cupboard crammed with great ideas to bring creativity and life to our lockdown and socially distant lives.

Fri / The social club

Phew. We’ve made it to the end of another week in our weird and wonderful new world. Who knows, you might be feeling isolated in more ways than one: like you don’t belong or fit anywhere. You might feel like that at the best of times. Maybe right now, that feeling’s been turned up to 11. But Greenbelt is for everyone, and The Social Club on Friday is a space where everyone is welcome. So this one’s for you. And you. And you. And you. Whoever you are. Wherever you are. However you’re feeling. Come in. This is Greenbelt. And you’re welcome.

Sat / Shindig

These days, it’s sometimes difficult to tell one day from another. So, just in case you’d forgotten: c’est le weekend! So we’re throwing a little shindig every Saturday night and everyone’s invited. Time to cook, to party, to dance, as Greenbelt serves up a menu of fab food, divine DJs, mellow music and more to gather around towards the end of a Saturday. Think of it as an aperitif for the rest of your weekend – just long enough to breathe a happy sigh of relief that we’ve made it through another week and we can still smile, laugh and love a little (or a lot).

Sun / Stop the week

The day on which all the others turn. It’s the end of one thing, but the start of another. At the same time, it’s the day we pause. At the festival, we close everything down and gather for communion. We can’t do that while we’re apart (not the gathering bit anyway). But we can stop the week for a moment and take time to reflect. So let’s go to church together. One not made with hands. One where we can be ourselves, wherever and whoever we are. Let’s look beyond this world to one where we all belong and are known and loved.