Festival Stewards – 2020

Stewards are the unsung heroes of every festival. And it’s no different at Greenbelt. They’re the people who keep Greenbelters safe, happy, well and moving – from the moment festivalgoers arrive to when they leave. Some have been volunteering for decades. But still more find their way into the magic of the unique Greenbelt community vibe each year for the first time. We depend on this peaceful army of good-natured volunteers to help us make Greenbelt the best possible festival it can be.



All our wonderful stewards rotate around a number of different stewarding roles across the festival weekend – so that there’s no chance of them getting bored or stuck with one thing to do all weekend. We also work hard to place friends on the same teams – so you can volunteer together with your mates and enjoy the craic together.

As well as a free ticket to the festival, you’ll also get a free drink in the Jesus Arms on Greenbelt, a fetching hi-vis yellow tabard to wear, a voucher code to download one of the recorded talks from the festival for free, and plenty of high-fives and smiles from the lovely festival-goers you’ll look after over the weekend.


Festival Stewards:

  • provide a friendly welcome to the festival and a reassuring visible presence throughout it
  • direct and help people as they arrive, enjoy the festival and even as they leave, in the Festival Village, the carparks and the campsite
  • check wristbands (yeah, someone’s got to do it!)
  • provide a point of contact for festival-goers looking for assistance and responding to situations as they arise
  • ensure the safe running of the Festival Village – its venues and its outdoor spaces
  • ensure the safe running of the campsite area too

All our Stewards receive job-specific training before the festival begins, and will be briefed at the start of each shift by their team leaders. You will need to arrive on site by Thursday afternoon before the festival, and you will be able to leave after your final shift on Monday, the following morning

Volunteer stewards are required to complete two shifts totalling seven hours per day of the festival – between 7.30 am and 1.00 am. The nature of the role could mean you will spend much of your shift on your feet.

Festival stewards are permitted onsite from the Wednesday before the festival, after mid-day. (Please do not try to turn up earlier than that.) Also, please remember that if you come in a group with others who are not stewarding, they will be required to stay in the campsite until the start of the festival on Friday and will not be able to access other areas of the festival site will not be permitted. On arrival, we will need to know names and numbers so that correct passes can be issued if needed. If you have any questions, please e-mail the stewarding address.

Training and Briefing Sessions

Training sessions are mandatory for all stewards. If you have not been to Greenbelt before as a steward you will also need to attend the basic stewards training.

The training will happen before the Festival opens at various times on Thursday and Friday. It will include important information about the emergency services on site.

In addition, each stewarding team and area will have its own briefing sessions and these must be attended by all stewards.