Site Vibing

The Site Vibing team work together to install all the large sculptural signs, decorate the interiors of the venues – creating stage sets and decorative canopies, and festoon the site with vibrant colour. Our aim is to enliven the site, making focal points and creating distinctive places and characterful venues. One of the first volunteer teams to arrive on site, you get to see the festival emerge from the ether and then get neatly packed away again.


Site Vibing Team

Skills and experience: With a range of tasks to tackle a diverse range of skills are useful to this team. The requirements of the roles mean all volunteers need to be capable of carrying out physical tasks such as ladder climbing and carrying heavy objects. It’s also important to have self motivation, the ability to work in a small team, follow direction, and to be conscientious and systematic in your approach

There are three main types of Site Viber, please let us know which type best suits your skills and experience:

Big installer:
Happy to carry heavy objects, use hand tools, and ladder climbing, whatever the weather. Our biggest and bravest team members.

Stage setter:
It’s important to have a creative eye, but also be systematic in your approach. You’ll need to be happy working at height. This is a great team for set design/theatre students as well as other nimble fingered, methodical and energetic people.

Climbing ladders, moving swiftly and securing cable ties are the main tasks for this team, as they festoon the site with vibrant coloured flags and bunting. This team would be suitable for motivated and energetic volunteers.

We have delicious hot lunches prepared for us each day of build week as we work to prepare the site. And then are free throughout the festival itself to go and enjoy it.


If you are interested in using your skills (carpentry, painting, large scale crafting, sewing) to create our decorative elements (stage sets, outside sculptures and signs) before Build Week, please get in touch – – so that we can talk about possible projects, skills and interests.

You may be working in or students of stage or theatre design, furniture, product design, architecture, welding and metal work. Or an enthusiastic capable person who doesn’t get to do making in your day job, but would love a creative outlet.

We may arrange a make week prior to build week, or perhaps some weekends in May, June and July.