Host Trainees

To help us build up a good team of Hosts, we are introducing a Trainee Host role in 2019. In this role you will be able to shadow Hosts and learn the ropes, whilst still carrying out some of the role of a Host. The Host role requires you to be the face and voice of Greenbelt in a particular venue. Hosts work with contributors and with Greenbelters to ensure that both feel valued and have an excellent Greenbelt experience. They will be putting across the messages of the festival with more than their words- but their words are vital. They may be introducing contributors, making announcements, liaising with Zone Coordinators and stewards all with an eye to making Greenbelt as safe, as accessible to navigate, and as enriching for everyone on site as it can possibly be. Team leaders will make sure they have all the information they need and update them as necessary. They will also be responsible for providing vital feedback on sessions to the programming team.

Trainee Hosts will need to be 16+, have excellent presentation and audience rapport skills. Ability to think on your feet and ad lib. Ability to retain and reproduce information accurately. Knowledgeable in regards to the venue you are in, with a deep knowledge of the festival and its story. Calm in the face of any crisis which might require clear and strong messages to be given. Ability to work collaboratively with Zone Co-ordinators, Stewards and Artist Teams. Training and support will be provided.

As part of the application process, once you have completed an online application,  you will be asked to answer some questions about yourself and your skills by email, and to upload a mobile phone video of yourself introducing a Greenbelt Contributor for an imaginary event, which we will give you the details of the contributor and the event.