Artist Buggy Drivers

The Buggy Drivers are responsible for managing the travel requirements of artists on and around site, as required by the artist Liaison Team and Programming Office. You will also be moving instruments and equipment across the festival site, in a timely and safe manner. Buggy drivers, aged 25 or over, may be asked to drive a flat-bed or Transit van to get equipment to the Canopy Stage.

Each shift is split into 3 hour segments so you won’t to be on shift for 7-8 hours in one go.

Please note that depending on the demand on site at any given time, you may be required to help in the Programme Runners team or the Artist Liaison team as needed during your shift. You are also the first point of contact to be taken to support other teams if there is a sudden need for more volunteers, so you must be open to working alongside other teams for short periods of time.