Rachel Wakefield

Rachel Wakefield

Communications, Press and Marketing Manager

Rachel spent 17 years working for BBC Radio as a producer and broadcaster, before taking a break to teach people of all sizes to play musical instruments.

The thing which excites most people about her time at the BBC is that she read the Shipping Forecast and the midweek football results. The thing her colleagues most remember her for is Wayne Rooney’s metatarsal.  The thing radio fans love is that she was responsible for the launch of Five Live Sports Extra. 

She still does a bit of teaching, but missed working with grown-ups so made her way back into the world of communications, and is excited about the opportunity to tell the many stories that make up the precious thing which is Greenbelt.

Rachel has loved the festival since first attending as a teenager, and has been one of Greenbelt’s comperes since back in Deene Park.

Rachel is an Anglican Lay Reader, with a husband and two children.  She loves to cook risotto, and usually wishes she was by the sea.

She is training part-time for the Priesthood at St Mellitus College in London.