Katherine Goodenough

Katherine Goodenough

Programme Manager

Katherine has worked within the industry in various roles for 7 years. She started out as a (terrible) contemporary theatre maker and musician touring various venues around the UK. She also made small productions with her friends so that they could get free tickets to their favourite music and arts festivals.

Katherine’s first role was with Black Country Touring, programming high quality theatre and dance into community venues. At this time she also co-produced a theatre scratch night in Birmingham with the aim of helping artists develop ideas.

She then worked on the production of several large scale touring shows including ‘In The Night Garden’ and ‘Brainiac’ and the large scale open-air performance of ‘Babel’ created by BAC and Wildworks.

After taking 4 months out to put up Yurts at 14 festivals one summer she started working as a ‘Production Assistant’ at the Brighton dome advancing large scale rock and roll shows and performance.

She believes all this experience led to this point, even the Yurts.

Her dream booking would be Led Zeppelin and believes this could happen one day.