Artistic vision

An act of the imagination …

Imagination is more than the impulse to create. It is the ability to see something that is not there, to plan, to hope, to empathise. Politics, social outreach and theology are all rooted in the imagination.

And so, of course, is art.

That’s why we believe that … 

Art is divine.
Creativity and imagination have their source in God and point us to their source.

Art is gift.
Not a product, but an expression of meaning that is invaluable.

Art is life-affirming.
Helping us feel more fully human, awakening us to our true value.

Art is effective.
Communicating and connecting in ways words cannot.

Art is just.
Challenging the status quo, cutting through convention, subverting power.

Art is transformative.
Personally and communally, building identity and well-being.

Art is collaborative.
Participating is as important as the end result; art is a shared experience.

Art is truthful.
Enabling us to create meaning, connecting our stories to other stories.

And what we believe about art, we believe about ideas too. We programme both. We cherish both. We celebrate both.

Art and ideas. Acts of the imagination.