GB21 Update

Wed 3 March 2021

While we’ve certainly learned during the pandemic to take roadmaps and dates with a healthy pinch of salt, there are definitely growing reasons to hope that we might be able to meet, safely, in the fields in about six months’ time.

We’re currently plotting out different versions of Greenbelt that could work, so that if (and we’re aware that ‘if’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting here) we get the green light later this spring to go ahead with a safe Greenbelt, we’ll have a festival-sized plan ready to go.

While we’re hard at work counting the pennies (and planning the layouts), it’s been good for the soul to see our 2021 ticket sales still ticking over. Aside from the obvious boost we get from seeing you lovely, faithful lot spending your hard-earned to secure a piece of summer, we also get a VAT break from the government at the moment, which really helps us out.

It means that tickets bought now, and the VAT savings we make on them now, will help us make the festival as good as it possibly can be in August, whatever form it takes. Don’t forget, too, that buying now means you can spread out payments in monthly instalments up to June – a monthly reminder of better times ahead.

And rest assured that if a safe Greenbelt doesn’t prove possible, you will – of course – be guaranteed a refund.

Update - 10 February 2021