COVID-19 Update

27 March 2020

In an ordinary world, we usually make our first lineup announcement around this time of year. We’ve spent the last few months building the bill, handpicking the performers, dreaming up new stages, making somewhere to believe in. Even if, right now, it feels more like somewhere to make-believe in.

Unfortunately none of us live in an ordinary world any more, and we’re aware that you’ll have more on your mind right now than four days at the end of August. But for now, we’re still hanging in there. Sweating the details. Dreaming big. Hoping against hope.

Do we know for sure that Wild at Heart will happen? No. In times like this, who knows anything for sure? To be completely honest with you: right now we’ve absolutely no idea.

So even though we’re itching to, we’re not releasing our lineup until we have a clearer idea of how this will all play out. We think we’ll know around Easter, one way or another. For now, 154 days out, all we can do is watch, wait a little longer and see if this year’s hand-picked bill of wonders will happen.

If it doesn’t, don’t worry. Know that we promise to refund you all your money, or if you’d prefer, roll your ticket over to next year. Know also that the minute we can bring you more certainty on any of this, we will.

If we do have to end up postponing Greenbelt then we will, of course, be absolutely gutted. And we will immediately begin plotting to bring you slices of Greenbelt goodness across the summer. But compared to the suffering of those with Covid-19 or the pain of those who will lose their loved ones, we are still the lucky ones.

So please save your thoughts and prayers for those who really need them right now – every single person working to beat this thing, keep us safe and protect those we love, whether they’re saving lives or stacking our shelves.

Stay safe and we hope to see you all in the fields x

Update - 17 March 2020