Thingamabob presented by PanGottic

Thingamabob presented by PanGottic

With an internationally renowned blend of circus, invention and humour, PanGottic brings to life a giant ball slinging, self exploding piece of handcrafted gadgetry, inspired by the famous Rube Goldberg machines and Heath Robinson contraptions.

PanGottic is an award-winning company co-founded by Matt Pang and Revital Gottshalk, graduates of Circomedia, in 2008.

We make shows and contraptions. Then we take them around the world.

Our work is a mix of circus, physical comedy, theatre and bespoke contraptions designed and made by the company. Our shows have little or no text and are created to be accessible for all, regardless of age, nationality or ethnicity.

Our first contraption based show, Thingamabob, is in its 5th year of international touring, having visited 11 countries and counting. We are also currently collaborating with our friends Circus Geeks on Project_Vee, a show which is a nod to a Soviet era circus act, remixed for the 21st century.