Ruth Hunt

Ruth Hunt

Ruth Hunt was appointed chief executive of Stonewall in August 2014, having worked in senior positions in the organisaton since 2011.

She has successfully led the development of Stonewall’s groundbreaking policy, campaigning and research outputs, including its work to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, effective interventions to improve the health of lesbian, gay and bisexual people and Stonewall’s acclaimed leadership development programmes.

Since taking on the leadership, Ruth has committed to bringing Stonewall even deeper into communities, engaging with groups from different ethnicities, religions and geographies – both in the UK and abroad.

As a practising Catholic, she is keen to ensure that Stonewall can support LGBT people, their families and allies from a range of backgrounds.

She has also spearheaded Stonewall’s commitment to campaign for trans equality; a decision that will shape Stonewall’s work going forward. This historic move followed an extensive consultation with over 700 trans people and will see Stonewall use its platform and experience to help create real change for trans people.

Ruth attended St Hilda’s College, Oxford where she studied English and was elected president of Oxford Student Union. Prior to Stonewall, Ruth worked at the Equality Challenge Unit where she led work advising higher education institutions on sexual orientation and gender identity equality.

In 2014, Ruth was voted the eighth most influential LGBT person in Britain in the Independent’s Rainbow List.