Heidi Crowter

Heidi Crowter

Heidi Crowter is an English disability rights advocate. She campaigns for ‘Don’t Screen Us Out’, challenging the Abortion Act 1967 which she views as discriminatory against fetuses with disabilities.

Soon after her birth, Heidi’s parents – Liz and Steve Crowter – discovered she had Down syndrome. Having cardiac surgery shortly after birth, Heidi has had leukemia, pneumonia, and kidney failure during her life.

As part of her work with Don’t Screen Us Out, Heidi and two others sued the Department of Health and Social Care alleging that the Abortion Act 1967 was discriminatory by allowing for the abortion of fetuses with Down syndrome and other diagnoses until the time of birth. In September 2021, the case was rejected by judges Rabinder Singh and Nathalie Lieven. However, in March 2022 Crowter was given permission to appeal the verdict on limited grounds.

In 2020 Heidi was nominated for a National Diversity Award for Positive Role model for disability. She also campaigns tirelessly in her home city of Coventry for the city to be a safe place for people with learning disabilities.

A committed Christian, Heidi is married to James and works with a drama company running drama and dancing sessions for children with Down syndrome in Leamington Spa.