Greenbelt is a festival of arts, faith and justice. But thinking of Greenbelt as just another ‘festival’ doesn’t do it justice. It is also an idea, a way of seeing, a gathering of the clans. Celebrating artistry and nurturing activism, Greenbelt Festival is inspirational, provocative and fun. Energised by a progressive Christian worldview, Greenbelt creates a festival that is inclusive, open-minded, participatory and generous in spirit.

The festival is handmade, delivered with the support of hundreds of volunteers, you can visit our Get Involved pages for those roles. From time to time we also have opportunities to join the small, friendly staff team, working in London year-round to produce our annual festival of arts, faith and justice. You can see those roles – as we advertise them – below.

We have no staff vacancies currently

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If you are interested in Volunteering for the festival please visit the Get Involved section in the main menu.