Greenbelt is a festival of arts, faith and justice. But thinking of Greenbelt as just another ‘festival’ doesn’t do it justice. It is also an idea, a way of seeing, a gathering of the clans. Celebrating artistry and nurturing activism, Greenbelt Festival is inspirational, provocative and fun. Energised by a progressive Christian worldview, Greenbelt creates a festival that is inclusive, open-minded, participatory and generous in spirit.

The festival is handmade, delivered with the support of hundreds of volunteers, you can visit our Get Involved pages for those roles. From time to time we also have opportunities to join the small, friendly staff team, working in London year-round to produce our annual festival of arts, faith and justice. You can see those roles – as we advertise them – below.

Greenbelt Company Secretary (voluntary role)

Accountable to  Board of Trustees
Volunteer commitmentWorking flexibly to meet the requirements of the role, the time commitment is likely to aggregate to approximately 15-20 working days per annum.


After six years of superb service, the current Company Secretary, Peter Driver is stepping down.  We are therefore looking for a volunteer to work closely with the Board and Senior Management Team as the custodians of Greenbelt.

Role Description

1          General

  • Act as custodian of the Greenbelt Articles of Association, ensuring that arrangements for Board meetings, decision making, appointments to the Board and other activities are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Articles.
  • Maintain the Articles of Association and where necessary report to the Board on changes to the Articles.
  • Ensure that any amendment to the Articles is made in accordance with the provisions of the Articles and that Companies House is informed of proposed changes where relevant.
  • Ensure the information about Greenbelt and its Secretary and Directors held and published by Companies House and the Charity Commission is kept up-to-date, including updating company information as soon as possible when Directors retire, or change their name or address and when new Directors are appointed.
  • To ensure, in liaison with senior staff, that audited annual accounts are filed and statutory returns are completed with Companies House and the Charity Commission. (Where the Auditor is filing accounts and returns on Greenbelt’s behalf, ensure they have all the information they require to do this in a timely manner).
  • Maintain a register of Trustees’ business and other interests; invite Trustees annually, prior to the Annual meeting, to confirm or update their registry entries.

2          Preparation for Board Meetings

  • Liaise with the Chair and senior staff on the timing and content of the agenda, and deadlines.
  • Liaise with report authors to receive reports and information in advance of the meeting.
  • Send out email notification of Board meetings to all Board members and senior staff, together with the agenda and all papers for consideration at the meeting (Notification of meeting to include venue, date, time and any other instructions agreed with the Chair).
  • Include the remaining Life Member (Martin Evans) in the circulation of papers for the Annual Meeting.
  • Maintain a forward agenda for the Board to ensure that items are brought forward as appropriate and that items requiring regular attention – budget, risk register, annual accounts, – are managed properly.
  • Ensure that each Board or staff member leading agenda items understands what is required of them before and at the meeting
  • To update the action list for circulation with Board papers

3          At Board meetings

  • Ensure the meeting is quorate and advise the chair accordingly.
  • Take minutes of Board meetings, including a record or attendees, apologies for absence, the business discussed, all decisions reached and points for action.
  • Provide such other administrative or practical support as is needed to facilitate the business of the meeting.

4          Following Board meetings

  • Circulate draft action points from the meeting within 48 hours to the Chair and relevant members, and confirmed action points within 72 hours to all Board members.
  • Circulate draft minutes of the meeting within seven days of the meeting – to all Board Members and senior staff.
  • To progress chase on Board actions, circulating an updated action list to the Board between meetings.

5          Board Composition

  • Maintain the list of Directors’ appointment and retirement dates and advise the Nomination Committee when Directors are approaching their retirement/reappointment review.  
  • Ensure the Board gives appropriate consideration to the diversity of backgrounds and skills required to enable the Board to fulfil its duties in keeping with Greenbelt’s values.
  • Support the Nomination and Governance Committee as required.

6          The Festival

  • Attend the festival and be prepared to support Board activities throughout the weekend, as required.
  • Fulfil the organisational role of ‘Team Leader’ on behalf of the Trustees, collecting and compiling all information required by the Volunteer Coordinator before the festival.
  • Liaise with the Chair, senior staff and Trustees, to ensure Trustees receive all the information and support they need to fulfil their responsibilities at the Festival

7          Record keeping

  • Maintain records of all Board meetings, reports, papers and minutes – with appropriate systems for back-up/storage and information security.

Time commitment

Working flexibly to meet the requirements of the role, the time commitment is likely to aggregate to approximately 15-20 working days per annum.

Person Specification

1 Experience

– of Committee/Board related work over a minimum of 3 years

– in interpreting governing documents and ensuring compliance with their provisions

– of giving procedural advice to Chairs, Board Members and senior staff members

2 Understanding

Understanding the legal status of Greenbelt as a charity and company and aware of the basic information requirements of Companies House and the Charity Commission

Sharing the ethos and values of Greenbelt and able to respect and understand a range of views and faith traditions.

3 Skills & Abilities

Written communication

– in writing and presenting reports to Board on constitutional/procedural issues
– in preparing accurate and sensitively-worded minutes/action summaries.

4 Oral communication

– in advising Chairs, Board Members and Senior Staff on procedural and other relevant matters
– in presenting reports to Board

5 Organisational/administrative skills

– in meeting tight deadlines on a regular basis
– in managing complex processes over time
– in maintaining records and databases

6 Self application

– in working on own initiative and taking responsibility for getting things done without reference to others
– in working under pressure to meet deadlines while still producing high-quality work

7 Good team worker

– in supporting and seeking the support of team colleagues to meet targets and objectives

How to apply

Click to apply online here.


  • The deadline for applications is midday on Friday 12th January 2018.
  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted in the first week of February
  • Interviews will be held at the Greenbelt office in London mid-February, exact date to be confirmed.
  • The chosen applicant will be required to attend the board meeting in March.
  • The appointment will be made subject to satisfactory references.