Everything you need to know about arriving at Greenbelt.

E-tickets & wristbands

If you buy your ticket in advance:

  • You’ll receive an e-ticket via email that you must print and bring with you. We will not dispatch wristbands by post ahead of the festival.
  • Whether staying for the weekend or coming for the day, you’ll exchange your e-tickets for festival wristbands. This will either happen just outside the main entrance to the campsite (on Friday) or at the main Festival Reception (all weekend).
  • If you lose your wristband, tamper with it, or remove it from your wrist, it will be rendered invalid and you’ll be required to purchase a replacement. So please don’t do it!
  • Please use a permanent marker to write a contact number on children’s wristbands. In the event that your child becomes separated from you, we can then contact the designated parent / guardian.

If you buy your ticket onsite (not in advance):

  • You’ll receive your wristband at the point of payment – in the Festival Reception / Box Office.


On arrival, you’ll be directed to a designated car parking area by the stewards. From there, you need to make your way to the campsite.

Trailers (that aren’t trailer tents) must be parked and unloaded in the car park. Please do not camp outside of the designated areas.

There are two camping areas at Greenbelt:

  1. Camping areas (for tents only). This includes general camping, pre-booked deaf and disabled camping, early curfew, youth, glamping and pre-pitched tents.
  2. Caravan area (for caravans, motorhomes, camper vans and trailer tents). This includes pre-booked deaf and disabled caravan spaces.

Please note:

  • Vehicles are not permitted into the festival camping areas. On arrival, please park your car in the designated car parking area, as directed by the stewards, and make your way to the campsite.
  • Access to disabled camping must be booked in advance. Email

Other campsite information:

  • Water: Cold water standpipes are located throughout the campsite. This water is suitable for drinking. There are also sink units for washing your hands.
  • Toilets are located throughout the festival site and campsite.
  • Showers are located next to Glamping and can be pre-booked onsite or online, before you arrive.
  • Rubbish: We supply plastic bags for your rubbish – green for recycling, black for other waste. You can collect these empty bags at the rubbish pens – and leave your full bags there, too. 
  • Lighting: Please bring a torch. Boughton Estate is in a rural area and parts of the campsite will be very dark at night.
  • Cashpoint: There’s a cashpoint inside the Festival Village.
  • The Campsite Hub is situated between the main campsite and the Festival Village. You’ll find a 24-hour café, Parent Support Venue (PSV) and a general store (Milk & Honey) for all your basic food and camping requirements. (There is another PSV inside The Orchard in the Festival Village.)
  • Baby-bathing is available in the Parent Support Venue (PSV).
  • When you leave:
    • Donate unwanted non-perishables: Bring any unused, unwanted non-perishable food items you don’t want to take home to the Campsite Office on Monday (all day) or Tuesday morning. It will be collected and redistributed by Kettering Foodbank.
    • Leave no trace: Please ensure you leave no trace of your visit. Be particularly vigilant about small items like tent pegs, which can be hazardous to animals.


We’ll have two types of support to help get your stuff, and any people with access requirements, from the car parks and into the campsite and Festival Village areas.

Taxi-buggy trailers (with flatbeds for luggage)

These will operate all day on Friday and Monday, as well as Tuesday morning. Primarily, we’ll move your luggage by flatbed, or people can have one bag with them in the taxi.

You may not be able to accompany your luggage on flatbeds and will need to walk to the designated drop-off point.

Taxi-buggies for passengers

  • These will operate from noon on Friday to Tuesday midday. There will be a fixed route service, with designated ‘stops’ to maximise capacity and efficiency.
  • There will be a continuous and dedicated passenger buggy run from the Festival Reception / Box Office to the main gate of the Festival Village.
  • Other routes and stops will be serviced regularly, but are mainly operated for luggage movement (on flatbeds and taxi-buggy trailer) during arrival and departure, and then for people with access requirements as a priority for the rest of the festival.


You can hire one of our rainbow barrows to help you get your things onto the campsite.

  • Arrival: All day Friday / Saturday morning
    1. Pick up your barrow in the car park.
    2. Transport your stuff across the campsite.
    3. Drop off your barrow at the drop-off point by the campsite office.
  • Departure: Monday afternoon / Tuesday morning
    1. Pick up your barrow in the campsite.
    2. Transport your stuff across to the car park.
    3. Drop off your barrow at the drop-off point in the car park.



  • Camping space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To ensure that everyone has fair access to the camping areas, reserving space is not permitted (with the exception of pre-bookable Disabled Camping).
  • Routeways for authorised emergency and service vehicles are denoted by striped marker tape. Please do not camp in these areas. A minimum distance of 1.5m must separate all tents and gazebos.
  • We can’t guarantee the security of your accommodation and possessions. The campsite is a public space. We recommend leaving your valuables at home and reporting any suspicious activity immediately to stewards.

Fire safety

  • We permit camping stoves and household candles. (Please place candles in suitable containers with an extinguisher or water close by.)
  • We do not permit personal generators, open fires, disposable barbecues or sky lanterns.
  • Please do not change any gas cylinders in your tent, or while there is another stove or naked light in use nearby. Always check the new cylinder is securely fitted before using.
  • Please ensure a reasonable distance (at least 60cm) between stove and windbreak. Never leave any apparatus unattended.
  • If you are involved in a tent fire, get yourself and all other members of your party out as quickly as possible. Only tackle the fire if you feel safe doing so. You must summon assistance from the onsite emergency services, no matter how small the incident is, or even if it has already been dealt with.
  • If you require any further fire safety advice at the festival, or if you are unsure about any of the above, don’t hesitate to ask one of the Fire Team patrolling the campsites or at the Campsite Information Point.
  • In the event of fire or a medical emergency:
    1. Raise the alarm.
    2. Make contact with a steward (wearing yellow hi-visibility jackets).
    3. Make sure you can describe the location of the fire or emergency.

General information

  • Information points are in the ‘Info Booth’ by First Aid inside the Festival Village and at the Campsite Office in the campsite.
  • Mobile phones: Phone charging is available in The Tank café (for a small fee), but please note that the rural location means mobile phone signal is patchy and there will be limited coverage across all networks.
  • Alcohol:
    • There is a designated beer tent (The Jesus Arms) and wine bar (The Blue Nun) in the Festival Village where you can buy and consume alcohol.
    • Alcohol may be consumed in the campsite, but you will not be able to bring your own alcohol into the Festival Village from the campsite.
    • Greenbelt operates a Challenge 25 policy, so if you’re lucky enough to look under 25, please bring appropriate ID – an adult wristband does not prove your age.
  • Pets: Animals are not permitted anywhere in the camping areas or Festival Village. Only assistance dogs registered with organisations recognised by Assistance Dogs UK are permitted.
  • Photography: As a condition of sale, ticket-holders consent to Greenbelt using photographic, audio or video footage for TV, Video, DVD, MP3, CD, internet, CCTV or other public broadcast that may include you – deliberately or inadvertently – as part of the audience. 

Selected terms and conditions (view full T&Cs)

  • Greenbelt reserves the right to refuse admission or remove people from the site at the management’s discretion.
  • Greenbelt accepts no liability for any loss or damage to persons or property incurred at the Festival.
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Children under the age of eight must be supervised. Young people aged 16 and 17 attending the festival without a parent or guardian must carry a parental consent form with them at all times. This form must contain contact details in case of emergency. 
  • Cars parked in all our designated car parks are left entirely at the owner’s own risk. If your car is parked in an undesignated area it is deemed to be a safety risk and will be removed. Greenbelt does not accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused to a vehicle that needs to be towed or moved as a result of failure to adhere to this warning. Any relocation of motor vehicles is entirely at the owners’ risk.