22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


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At the heart of our festival, there’s a space called The Village. A collection of different venues and activities where smaller Greenbelters can enjoy the same great Greenbelty mix of performance, arts, worship and crafts as the adults.

It’s a shared experience, all about doing stuff – making things, watching plays, singing songs, playing games – together.

Essentially: It’s Greenbelt, but smaller.

Lineup information about this year’s programme for Children and families can be found here ยป

Campsite eye by Andy Stonehouse

Emergency contact and consent form

All under 18s at the festival should carry with them a contact and consent form in case of emergency. We have supplied a sample PDF which you can download and provide for your children and young people to use.
This form should be completed to enable our onsite First Aid team to support your children and update their responsible adult in case of emergency.
As part of our terms and conditions, please ensure they carry it with them. We suggest they carry it in something waterproof. Please also use the space provided on wristbands to write emergency contact details.

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