Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find some frequently asked questions about the new festival site and arrangements for the 2014 festival.

Greenbelt Festival
22 —25 August 2014
Travelling Light
Boughton Estate, near Kettering, Northamptonshire NN14 3AG


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Where is Boughton House?
It’s around three miles to the north-east of Kettering, Northamptonshire. Coincidentally, it’s in the same neck of the woods as Deene Park, Castle Ashby and Odell – all former Greenbelt sites.

Who owns the new site?
The site is managed by the charitable organisation, Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust on behalf of the Duke of Buccleuch.

Are the dates the same?
The dates will remain the August Bank Holiday weekend – August 22nd to 25th 2014.

What are the opening times?
The campsite will open from 10am on Friday, access to the Festival Village is from around 4pm with an opening ceremony in The Glade at 5pm, after which our programming begins.

I’ve read about other events (Tough Mudder, Alt Fest) taking place at Boughton House – won’t that mean the site is damaged before we get there?
Due to the immense size of the estate (around 11,500 acres), there is very little overlap between the Greenbelt site and the Tough Mudder course, which runs for 12 miles around the estate. Alt Fest is the preceding weekend to Greenbelt and is on a completely different part of the estate.

How much do tickets cost?
We have reviewed ticket prices – see below for more information, or click here »

Will we move again next year?
No. We have entered into an agreement with Boughton House, with the understanding that we will be at the site for a minimum of two years, with a view to a long-term relationship. If all goes as planned, we’ll be at Boughton for many years to come.


When can I buy a ticket?
Tickets are on sale now – click here to head to our box office »

Will there still be offers on tickets? (free faith leaders, buy ten tickets get eleventh free, free carer tickets)
Yes. We offer a great range of affordable ticket types and offers – head to our box office for more information »

Will I be able to buy tickets onsite?
Yes, There will be a box office onsite where you can buy weekend and day tickets.

What’s the timetable for tickets?
As in previous years, booking early means you get your tickets cheaper. Book before the following dates to get the best deals:

  • February deadline: book before midnight on 28th February (save up to 25% off onsite prices)
  • April deadline: book before midnight on 30th April (save up to 20% off onsite prices)
  • June deadline: book before midnight on 30th June (save up to 15% off onsite prices)
  • July & August prices: book before midnight on 21st August (up to 10% off onsite prices)
  • Onsite prices: the price of tickets bought over the festival weekend from our onsite Box Office

Click here to see all this year’s ticket prices across all the deadlines »

Why have you added booking fees to tickets?
The booking fee covers postage of wristbands and information to ticketholders, as well as administrative fees incurred in our online ticket system.

Can I get a refund on tickets I bought for the festival back in 2013 when they first went on sale?
Yes. Please get in touch with Peter, our Box Office Manager and he will be able to arrange this for you. Please call 020 7329 0039.

Getting there

Is the new site accessible by public transport?
Absolutely – Kettering is well placed for access from around the country with access by both rail and coach. Greenbelt will be running a shuttlebus from a central location in Kettering to the festival site.

Approximate rail journey times to Kettering from:

  • Leicester (25 minutes)
  • Luton (40 minutes)
  • Nottingham and Derby (55 minutes)
  • London (60 minutes)
  • Sheffield (1 hour 25 minutes)
  • Leeds (2 hours 15 minutes)
  • Brighton (2 hours 45 minutes)
  • Bristol (3 hours 25 minutes)

National Express, Coachlinks and Stagecoach (United Counties) all run services to Kettering.

This year we’re encouraging more lift sharing by using Go Car Share, where you can request a lift or give someone a ride to Kettering.

Will the new site be easy to get to by road?
Boughton House is around 20 miles from the M1 motorway to the east and A1 to the west and very near to the A43 and A14. The site is just over an hour’s drive from London and about 2 hours from Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. There are also good access roads onto the estate.

Will there be a shuttle bus?
Yes, the shuttle bus will run from the station to the festival site, dropping off near the Box Office. More details coming soon.

Is there a drop-off point if my ride isn’t staying onsite?
Yes, there will be a drop-off point at the Box Office.

How do I get to Boughton House by coach?
National Express Coaches: A link to National Express information and booking service.

Coachlinks – Birmingham to Corby via Kettering, for enquiries call – Central Information Bureau on: 01604 20077

Stagecoach (United Counties) – Kettering Area Rural Services, for enquiries call – Central Enquiry Unit: 01604 20077

Campsite & Accommodation

What is the campsite like?
Boughton House has plenty of space for camping. You will be able to pitch your tent, in a very attractive part of the grounds, surrounded by trees and woodland and near to the festival arena. The ground is largely flat, dry and well-drained, with short grass.

Will there still be different camping zones? (Such as Early curfew, deaf/disabled and volunteer camping?)

Will there be Tangerine Fields or other pre-erected tented options?
Yes, more space gives us the potential for a wider choice.
You can book into Tangerine Fields here »
Interested in glamping? Have a look at the bell tents and yurts we have on offer »

Will I be able to drive onto the campsite?
Our new site has a beautiful area of parkland for camping. In order to preserve the atmosphere and safety of the campsite, we are not allowing cars onto the camping fields for unloading. This will allow all our festivalgoers to enjoy being away from the busyness and bustle of their everyday lives in a beautiful, rural setting, at the same time as making the entire campsite a safe place for small children and families.

We’re also mindful of protecting the Grade 1 listed parkland around Boughton House, treading lightly and minimising the impact of a festival of our size, and building a positive, sustainable partnership with the Estate – not just for this year, but for years to come.

By restricting cars to the car park, all Greenbelters in tents will enjoy a beautiful, safe, countryside campsite – the perfect place to rest and relax and spend time with friends and family over the festival weekend, when not engaged with the riches of the programme.

I bring a trailer full of camping equipment to Greenbelt. How can I get my kit to my tent pitch?
With the exception of the Greenbelt taxis, no vehicles will be permitted on the campsite. You must unload your trailer into a taxi trailer, or into one of the large capacity, lightweight barrows which will be freely available from the car park. You will not be able to tow your trailer onto the campsite by hand.

Is there local non-camping accommodation?
Yes, there are several budget hotels within a few miles of Boughton House – Premier Inn, Travel Lodge and Holiday Inn Express. There are also smaller independent B&B options. You will find more information online.
You can call the Northampton Tourist Information Centre on 01604 367997

Can I bring a generator for use in the campsite?

Can I have a fire or barbecue outside my tent?
Fires are prohibited. Unfortunately, due to the terms of our licence, disposable barbecues are prohibited, but raised non-disposable barbecues are fine.

Caravans, Camper Vans, Motorhomes, Trailer Tents

Will I be able to bring my caravan?
Yes although our normal Caravan/Camper passes are fully booked. However, we have opened up Caravan Field B which has a slightly longer walk to amenities. If you require a caravan pass and have not booked please note you will be in Caravan Field B.

Your Caravan should be no longer than nine metres. Your permit covers the space required for one small ‘pup tent’ (2-3 person tent) or awning next to your caravan.

Space is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can we have a mixed group – caravans/camper vans and tents – pitching together?
Unfortunately, due to restrictions on space in areas accessible to vehicles, we are unable to mix caravans, camper vans, motorhomes and trailer tents with ordinary tents.

We are no longer taking applications for the 2014 limited mixed camping area, designated for youth groups. Unfortunately we may not be able to accommodate everyone. Decisions will be made by the end of June. If your application is unsuccessful then we will honour the price the tickets were at the time of your application.

I want to park my caravan/camper van next to my friend. Will this be possible?
Each caravan will be individually sited upon arrival by our campsite team. If you wish to request a space to be reserved for a vehicle which has not yet arrived, please ask – our campsite volunteers will do their best to make this happen.

I have a trailer tent or a caravan. Does this mean I have to pay parking for my car too?
No, car parking is included in the £30 caravan/campervan permit. If you have a trailer tent or caravan, you can tow your accommodation onto the pitch, but then must move your car to the car park. You can then drive back to pick up your accommodation when it’s time to leave.

The Festival Site

Will there be an onsite shop?
Yes. We heard your feedback about this loud and clear last year and we guarantee that a shop selling daily essentials will be available at the festival in 2014.

Are there supermarkets nearby?
Yes, there are several large supermarkets in Kettering town centre, within a few miles of the festival site. One is open 24 hours, others also have cashpoint, petrol station and pharmacy provision.

What will the toilets be like onsite?
There will be a range of trailer toilets and portaloos. Our long-drop toilet days are well behind us.

Can I swim in the lakes onsite?
No, the lakes and waterways are not to be swum in.

Can I bring my pet to the festival?
Pets are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. Only assistance dogs registered with organisations recognised by Assistance Dogs UK are permitted.


Is there parking for cars?
Yes, there is space for car parking onsite close to the camping fields. Weekend parking costs £10 per vehicle. Click here to purchase a parking ticket »

Holders of blue badge disabled parking permits are exempt from this charge and do not need to book.

What will my weekend car parking pass entitle me to?
Your pre-booked weekend car parking pass – costing £10 – will entitle you to park one vehicle in the car park all weekend, whether you’re going on and off site, or leaving your car there for the entire festival.

Will I be able to buy car parking passes for individual days?
Day parking passes can be purchased in advance – costing £5 – and picked up onsite with your tickets from the Box Office, and will allow you to come and go freely for that day.


What provisions will be made for disabled access?
We will be making reasonable adjustments to our new site and venues to enable the widest range of people to access the festival.

Though the main festival arenas are on grass, it is largely flat and dry. The ground is firm with excellent drainage, and short grass.

We will aim to place tracking in areas where access would otherwise be difficult and – of course – provide viewing platforms, wheelchair space and more throughout the festival site.

Will there be a disabled camping area?
Yes – this will be located close to the festival site.

Can I charge my wheelchair/mobility scooter?
Yes, we will have an area for charging wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Mobility scooters and manual wheelchairs can be prebooked from Event Mobility »

Will there be a place where my medication can be refrigerated?
No – having consulted with the festival’s insurers and St John Ambulance, it has been agreed that it is simply not possible to safely and securely store medication at Greenbelt. This is not unusual for festivals of a similar size. We recommend that Greenbelters whom this affects speak to their GPs or pharmacists for advice or research alternative methods of keeping their medications cold and secure during the weekend.

Will there be an onsite taxi (golf buggy) service?
Yes – although due to the layout of the new site, the taxis will shuttle between the car park and the campsite, but will not serve the Festival Village. Everything is a lot closer together at Boughton House!

Are there free tickets for carers?
Yes – take a look at our website here »

Programming and Venues

Will my favourite venues and programming be at the new site?
Moving site will give us a fantastic opportunity to reimagine our programming in line with our artistic vision. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’re working with our volunteer teams to create a great festival for 2014 in a brilliant new location which includes sweeping lawns, open spaces, avenues of trees, lakes and woodland. We’ll be planning a programme for all ages with some of your old favourite venues, as well as creating some exciting brand new ones. We’ll keep you posted as plans develop.

How do I get a stand in G-Source?
Applications to exhibit in G-Source are now closed.


Will I be able to volunteer at the 2014 festival?
Yes, we will still need volunteers to make the festival happen. Volunteering opportunities are now available »

Keep up to date

We’ll be sending out regular updated information in our festival Dispatches. Click here to add your email address »

Mobile Phones and TV

Phone charging is available in The Tank café and from Christian Aid cycle charging points (for a small fee), but please note that the rural location means mobile phone signal is patchy and there will be limited coverage across all networks.

Please note we do not have the capacity to broadcast television programmes at the festival due to licensing requirements.

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