22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House

small talks. big ideas.


What’s the big idea? You’ve got ten minutes.

If we were to crunch down to under ten words the essence of this new strand within the Greenbelt talks programme, we just did and you just missed it.

It was eight words.

The first two sentences of this page.

Big Idea Ten Minutes. Four words.

Give us a few more and we’d say we’re trying to do two things at once:
pilot a new approach to festival talks; tickle a post-festival online audience who might be intrigued by Greenbelt speakers.

We ended up with 40-plus contributors and you get to hear five of them at a time in just over an hour. Then you leave and some other people get to hear the next five.



Evolution and health (David Bradley)
The fractal layers of church (Tim Norwood)
The pressure for perfection (Hannah Jean)
How To Be An Inventor (Ruth Amos)
13.50 GTV

Is God…?

Anglican (Giles Fraser)
Left wing (Bev Thomas)
A woman (Lucy Winkett)
Gay (Richard Coles)
Scientific (John Polkinghorne)
15.20 GTV

How To…

Kill a chicken (Malcolm Doney)
Read poetry (Katherine Venn)
Support the spiritual development of children (Tatty Wilson)
Let go (Nick Thorpe)
16.50 GTV


How To…

Curate an exhibition (Meryl Doney)
Write a poem (Anthony Wilson)
Find your unforced rhythms of grace (Brian Draper)
The Death of Diversity: A Story of Three Pillars (Keith Skene)
Give us this day our daily bread (Jane Mason)
13.50 GTV

Is God…?

Evangelical (Joel Edwards)
Time (Hugh Rayment-Pickard)
Scottish (Kathy Galloway)
Jewish (Raphael Zarum)
Offended (Simon Jenkins)
15.20 GTV

How To…

Be a DJ (George Luke)
Write a novel about science (Simon Mayo)
Treat cancer (Samir Guglani)
Be beautiful (Chine Mbubaegbu)
Name The Divine (Martin Wroe)
16.50 GTV



Who are You Online? (Andrew Graystone)
Me, myself, we: Our Online Identity (Alom Shaha)
How to Pray Online (Pam Smith)
Church of the Latter Day Gamers (Andy Robertson)
The cross: How Christianity’s symbol went global, pretty and controversial (Peter Graystone)
13.50 GTV

Is God…

Black (Michael Battle)
Useful (Marika Rose)
Biased (Rita Nakashima Brock)
A Muslim (Abdul Rehman-Malik)
15.20 GTV


Reporting Paradise Lost; local voices in the digital age (Richard Hanson)
Changing the world one stitch at a time (Sarah Corbett)
How We Know What We Believe and Can Believe What We Know (Robyn Vesey)
Jesus loves you, some assembly required (Peterson Toscano)
Granny How Could You ? (Steve Oram)
16.50 GTV

Festival Fever