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Greenbelt 2014: Travelling Light

Greenbelt Festival 2014 will take place in the beautiful grounds of Boughton House, near Kettering in Northamptonshire. After 15 great years at Cheltenham Racecourse, Greenbelt Festival will be moving to a new site for its 2014 event, taking place over the August Bank Holiday weekend, beginning a new and exciting chapter in its four-decade-long journey.

The Journey

Greenbelt has always been a festival on the move – beginning its life in Suffolk in 1974, the festival made its home in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire, before moving to Gloucestershire in 1999.

Cheltenham Racecourse has been planning to transform itself with a £45 million redevelopment for some time now and have now begun work in earnest on that scheme. In the light of that we undertook site research back in the summer of 2012 to identify potential options. We continued to work closely with the Racecourse to see if we could make our festival work there during the redevelopment. It was only after our festival there this August that we made the difficult decision that we needed to move on from Cheltenham, if we were to continue to create the vibrant festival we deliver each year.

So, we’re thrilled to announce that our 2014 Greenbelt Festival will take place in the grounds of Boughton House, a stunning estate which has been owned by the family of the current Duke of Buccleuch since 1528, and is now managed by his charity, the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust. The estate is often called “The English Versailles”.

The 2014 Festival

Boughton House is an exciting location for our festival. Two or three large, well-kept field and lawned areas will house the majority of our festival venues, with plenty of other spaces to discover – in woods, alongside lakes, or around some of the striking architectural landscaping so distinctive to the site.

“As Boughton House is already a stunning environment, our job will be to create exciting spaces to for our festivalgoers to spend time – whether that’s under the beautiful trees, or enjoying the long views through the site.”
Saga Arpino, Site Vibing curator

Boughton is an ideal environment for making a festival. Our Operations Managers and site contractors are already well into looking at plans and considering logistics. We have learned so much about how to plan, build and run a good festival in our time at Cheltenham, and now it’s time to take this dedicated approach onto the lush lawns of Boughton House.

“Once I took a look at Boughton House I couldn’t help but become excited at the prospect of a move. This new site gives us the opportunity to create an exciting and vibrant new festival that connects people and the festival site in ways previously we could not have imagined.”
Stuart Radcliffe, Festival Operations Manager

Besides the beauty of Boughton, we’ve been bowled over by the welcome we have received from the team there, and we look forward to building a long-term partnership with them.

“We are delighted to welcome Greenbelt to Boughton House in August 2014. With so many vistas – from sweeping lawns, wide avenues of trees and the recently restored lake system, to small intimate areas, including Orpheus, our land art installation by Kim Wilkie – we hope that Boughton will provide an inspiring setting for an inspiring festival!”
Maurice Whittaker, Commercial & Creative Director, Boughton House

Greenbelt Festival’s move to Boughton House also returns the event to its geographical heartland – situated as it is between Odell, Castle Ashby and Deene Park. And those with long memories and responsibility for the trusteeship of the organisation are excited by this, too.

“It’s good to be on the move again, to shake things up, to wonder what the festival will look like painted on a new canvas. The Racecourse became a kind of home, but there were other homes before that and I’m really looking forward to arriving at a place where everything is a surprise again. It feels like time.”
Martin Wroe, long-term Greenbelt festival trustee

And we will be welcomed into Northampton by friends of the festival local to the site:

“We’re delighted that Greenbelt is returning to its ancient heritage in Northamptonshire and I’m thrilled at the prospect of never being more than five miles from an ensuite bathroom. We look forward to seeing you there!”
Rev Richard Coles, Parish Priest of Finedon, Northamptonshire

Travelling Light

We’ll always hold happy memories of the transformative time we’ve spent at Cheltenham. Our huge thanks to Ian Renton, David MacKinnon, Edward Gillespie, and all those that have made our time at the Racecourse so special.

“We have had 15 successful years working with the Greenbelt team, developing a really strong working relationship, with both parties helping to grow Greenbelt into the hugely successful event that it is today. However, with the grandstand redevelopment taking place at Cheltenham Racecourse over the next two years, we are not able to provide Greenbelt with the site and facilities that they require to create the event. For this reason, Greenbelt are to relocate elsewhere, but we wish Greenbelt and the team the very best in their new location.”
Ian Renton, Regional Director of the South West region of The Jockey Club

But we couldn’t be more excited about continuing our onward journey now. Greenbelt’s stated mission is to create spaces where art, faith and justice collide. It’s now time to create that space somewhere else. This is what we’ve always done. It’s in our DNA. We move on. And we can only do that because we travel light. Pitching tents instead of building in bricks and mortar.

Our hope is that this move to a more rural location will remind us all of what is most important in life: not the stuff we have, but the spaces we make together and the relationships we build and the way we live together in those spaces.

What Next?

While we work through the detail on the festival logistics and operational planning, our box office will remain closed. The box office will reopen in January 2014. If you’d like to be first to hear when tickets go on sale, fill in the online form here »

Read more answers to questions that you might have on our Essential Information pageclick here »

For those of who have bought early bird tickets for 2014, you can relax, safe in the knowledge you’re already with us on the journey, joining us at Boughton House next August. If you have any queries about your early bird ticket, please email boxoffice@greenbelt.org.uk

When tickets go on sale in January 2014, we’ll have much more information for you about getting to Boughton House, camping, and much much more.

In the meantime, tell your friends about the exciting move – the documentary about Greenbelt’s history is still available from our Shopify site and gives an excellent introduction to Greenbelt’s story.

We think we’re going to make something truly special in the grounds of Boughton House. We can’t do it without you. Bring your friends, bring your family, let’s travel together one more time.

Camping Field

  • 13 November 2013
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  • Stephen Spicer says:

    Best news for over a decade. Well done! Let me know if there’s anything an old hand can do.

    13 November 2013 12:06
  • Ruth Mitchell says:

    I knew Greenbelt was probably going to have to move. However, I do not know if I will have to stop attending Greenbelt. This would be a shame but, I think the travel costs for me getting there may be too expensive (Rely on public transport as I don’t drive).

    13 November 2013 12:08
  • Jen Stoneman says:

    I’m very excited to see what the festival will look like in its new home! Wherever we are Greenbelt will still be Greenbelt – it’s the people that make the festival not the material things that underpin it. I can’t wait to get stuck in!
    Jen, Greenbelt volunteer

    13 November 2013 12:17
  • Andrew Cameron-Heffer says:

    Moving home is always a time of worry.

    I am sure the organisers will get it all sorted and am looking forward to the move to Northamptonshire – so much nearer Norfolk!

    13 November 2013 12:34
  • Eleanor Ollerenshaw says:

    I grew up with GB as an essential part of my summer, like my birthday in September simply couldn’t arrive if I hadn’t been to Greenbelt the month before. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of running around he Deene Park site with my sister, wild and free and safe. I’ve got very fond memories of Cheltenham too and have made lifelong friends through being a part of site crew there. But I’m really excited about this move – it feels right to me – new phase, new beginnings and hopefully, God-willing, I’ll be blessed with my own children who’ll run around this site in the way I did. (And I live just down the M1 from Northamptonshire so liking the convenience factor too!). Count me in!

    Thank you so much to all the GB team who’ve taken so much time to find this place and those facing the challenges of designing the new layout!

    13 November 2013 13:26
  • Deirdre Speed says:

    So pleased to finally know where we’ll be next August, with the added benefit of it being nearer home (Lincolnshire). Already planning a day trip to Boughton House in the Spring to get a sneak preview!

    Congratulations and thanks to all the movers and shakers at Greenbelt HQ for this mammoth undertaking.

    And heartfelt thanks to Cheltenham Racecourse – the only Greenbelt home I’ve ever known. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

    13 November 2013 13:38
  • Jane Howcroft says:

    I was a Greenbelter in my teens in the 1980s, and then returned after a 20 year gap. Various bits of me are stiff and painful now, and my tolerance of festival style roughing it lower, so the indoor venues at Cheltenham with proper seats, out of the wind and rain, (plus bonus lots of proper loos) made all the difference to me. I am slightly daunted by the thought of all venues being in tents, and all loos being port- a- loos…can you give this ageing wimp any reassurance? Thanks and all the best with the move planning.

    13 November 2013 13:50
  • Jane Howcroft says:

    I was a Greenbelter in my teens in the 1980s, and then returned after a 20 year gap. Various bits of me are stiff and painful now, and my tolerance of festival style roughing it lower, so the indoor venues at Cheltenham with proper seats, out of the wind and rain, (plus bonus lots of proper loos) made all the difference to me. I am slightly daunted by the thought of all venues being in tents, and all loos being port- a- loos…can you give this ageing wimp any reassurance? Thanks and all the best with the move planning.

    13 November 2013 13:51
  • Malcolm Matthews says:

    Should be fun going back to the old days!

    Is this seen as a temporary move with a probable return to Cheltenham once the redevelopment is complete?

    13 November 2013 13:52
  • Robert Elliott says:

    yipee, a return to a more nature entiwnned sight,.. wonderful. Been hoping for this kinda move for a few years now. :)

    13 November 2013 14:04
  • Joanne Murray says:

    It is a romantic idea going back to more green fields than in the last 15 years. However, as a veteran now occassionally in a wheelchair all I can think about is mud and no Tarmac :0s. I leave people in same situation as me in the safe hands of the site team…….praying it will work for all greenbelters.
    Joanne – volunteer

    13 November 2013 14:21
  • Trevor Pratt says:

    All change is challenging. 2013 was our second with our youth group – whatever the reason the group didn’t find the same exciting sparkle as in 2012 (maybe it was the lack of rain!). The change of venue might kick-start interest in 2014, then again, with youngsters, who knows?
    Whatever, the news is definite and knowledge is more concrete. My prayers are that all will turn out well for Greenbelt.

    13 November 2013 14:44
  • Nick says:

    An hour from my house. I might even commute. Can’t wait to see the new site.

    13 November 2013 14:47
  • Mike Wolff says:

    I hope they will have a large enough hard-standing car park – if we have rain like 2012 it could be a nightmare moving cars parked on grass. Have enjoyed 15 years of brilliant facilities at Cheltenham and am looking forward to exploring this new venue.

    13 November 2013 14:52
  • Peter King says:

    I’m glad that some people are excited by the move ! For me (and I suspect a number like me), however, the move to Broughton House represents a step back to a less inclusive GB, closing off the great opportunties offered by the various buildings on the racecourse and, most significantly, the possibility of non-camping accomodation within walking distance of the site. Sorry to be negative but to me this is a great disappointment, however it is presented. It seems now that again the requirements for attending GB are a willingness to camp or a car. What about those of us who have neither ?

    13 November 2013 15:27
  • Alastair Jones says:

    I am very excited about the move back to Northants due to my fond memories as a teenager growing up each year at Castle Ashby and then Deene Park with those visits to the services to use a rare real toilet. Things are far more comfortable these days and I know there will be a great festival to celebrate the arts, faith and justice next year.

    13 November 2013 15:34
  • Paul Timmis says:

    A step into the unknown will always carry with it a degree of trepidation as well as anticipation and moving home (and Greenbelt is in so many ways “home” to so many of us), though exciting, is often tinged with sadness. It took a while to get used to Cheltenham Racecourse after so many years in leafy Northamptonshire but home it soon became and, to be honest, I can’t remember all that much about Deene Park and Castle Ashby anymore. It could well be good returning to a more rural setting and setting up camp amidst the trees. But I do have some questions:
    1) The move to Cheltenham came about because the festival needed to be more “weather-protected” and because it simply could not afford to build a festival village each year (despite having invested heavily in the Deene Park site). I doubt that this has changed. So what makes this stately home any different to those the festival has been and lost money at in the past?
    2) Could someone offer some reassurance that travelling light does not mean “carrying our homes on our backs”? One year of doing so was enough of that. Can we have some assurances that we will be able to drive onto the site? For many families this is pretty much an essential requirement.
    3) Does having designated areas for caravans and camper vans mean that someone with such a vehicle has to make use of such areas i.e. that they will not be able to “camp” with tented friends? Being such a community based festival, surely this will not be the case.
    I hope that someone can allay my fears and concerns that lie behind these questions because, laying them to one side, I am excited by the possibilities.
    Good luck to everyone involved in preparing for the move and indeed for GB14. Can’t wait.

    13 November 2013 16:08
  • Alex Monaghan says:

    Looking forward to a return to the Midlands, I’ve been to Greenbelt since Knebworth, stewarding at Castle Ashby, Dene Park and Cheletenham then taking a long break after the 1st year at Cheltenham (family & travel practicalities with young family). We were able to return this year with the kids and had a good time (although I did feel naked without a radio and high-viz jacket!)

    In my opinion, Greenbelt will be Greenbelt regardless of the venue, I was initially concerned at the move to Cheltenham from the country estates of past, however, from year 1 it worked, it was different, but it was still Greenbelt. There will of course be challenges to ensure accessibility for all and “proper” loos are always preferable to a plastic TARDIS!

    Seeing the way the festival had evolved in the years we didn’t go, I can see that the experience gained at Cheltenham will be portable to another site.

    Personally I welcome a return to a more central location as travel will be more practical.

    13 November 2013 16:44
  • Andrew J Chandler says:

    This is great news. I could see the advantages of Cheltenham when attending for the 40th event in August, but, as I wrote afterwards, would rather go to a more central, rural location in future. Boughton is close to my ancestral home, too, so I can visit some of the places connected with my Baptist family of eight generations.

    13 November 2013 16:52
  • Mrs Julia Newman says:

    Welcome back greenbelt. We loved it when you were at Deene and we could sleep at home. Now you are going to be near again and at lovely Boughton House. There are lots of B&B places for those who want home comforts.

    13 November 2013 17:04
  • Ann H says:

    I have the same concerns as Paul Timmis, my group of Greenbelters is a mixed caravan, motorhome and tent group. Will we be able to camp together? I only know Cheltenham as a Greenbelt venue even though I am of advancing years. I embrace change and will look forward to 2014, once i know the answer to my concern

    13 November 2013 17:20
  • Sara Merritt says:

    Well done guys, so pleased that we’ve not got stuck in the mud…
    love you all, see you next year xxxxx
    Sara (next year’ll be my 21st Greenbelt!)

    13 November 2013 17:33
  • Sarah Watkins Idle says:

    That’s exciting news. I’ve been to nearly all the Cheltenham Greenbelts but also many at Deenbe Park before that and after 12 or so years it does seem to me like the right time for the festival to mkove on.
    I look forward to the great beautiful opportunities a site with woodland and lakes can bring. I think the WOMAD festival has been really enhanced by it’s move fromm Reading to Charlton Park (an estate that sounds like it is similar to Boughton House).
    Hoepfully there is no need to panic about accessibility – WOMAD still manages to accommodate those with mobility issues (all terrain wheelchairs available etc) and portaloos can be fully accesible and even have proper flushing!
    Thank you to the Grenbelt for all your hard work. I can’t wait to buy tickets in January.

    13 November 2013 18:26
  • Chris Parker says:

    Like many I will look back with fondness on the journey that the festival has made since I first attended at Castle Ashby. At the time I was living in Kettering and played cricket in the grounds of Boughton house. For me it will be a homecoming in more than one way. If anyone is in need of transport from the Wigan area we may have spaces in a minibus or cars. email minister@trinityurcwigan.org if interested.

    13 November 2013 18:31
  • ANTHONY says:

    ROLL ON 2014

    13 November 2013 18:52
  • Amber Christopher says:

    I am so glad to see Greenbelt move away from Cheltenham. Yes everyone loves a nice toilet but moving away from Deene Park, Greenbelt changed, and not in a good way.
    Let’s hope we can get back a little of what was lost. Greenbelt needs a mother of a shake up.
    Here’s hoping this fresh start will inspire more change than just location.

    13 November 2013 19:05
  • Di says:

    It used to take us under an hour to get there, now it will be 2.5 hours – so i hope when we arrive with a caravan there will be somewhere to go as we come on our own. In previous years it was hard to find a spot on the side of the road as they were all being reserved by groups. But last year having the dedicated caravan area was great so doing the same again will be good, please.

    13 November 2013 19:25
  • John Cheek says:

    Surprised to be leaving Cheltenham, after many happy years there – but I’ve got fond memories of the days when Greenbelt was held in Northamptonshire, at Castle Ashby and especially, Deene Park….

    13 November 2013 19:26
  • Julie Oates says:

    Well done to the brave souls who have had the unenviable task of making a decision about this. I would not want to have been in your shoes. It will always have come in for some criticism, as did the move to Cheltenham all those years ago. I am excited about the change, and look forward to seeing how it all works out. Questions I am interested in are – will the estate still be open to the public that weekend? Will we have to pay to access the formal grounds? How will the owners protect their posh bits from us muddy rabble??

    13 November 2013 19:44
  • Helen Johnston says:

    I am one of a few for whom this is right on my doorstep – maybe I could cycle there!! Change is always a challenge and I understand the concerns voiced, but it could provide exciting times ahead and it is a lovely setting. Long may Greenbelt thrive.

    13 November 2013 19:51
  • Rich Young says:

    From a lifelong Cheltenham resident, thank you, Greenbelt, for being in our midst these last 15 years. We have been mightily blessed by having the Festival, and I hope – as a community – that Cheltenham has given something back too. Good Luck and God Bless.

    13 November 2013 20:48
  • Michael Renouf says:

    I first attended Greenbelt, for just half a day, in 1975. My best school friend, Ron, was totally converted that day (a complete U turn!), seeing Christians relaxing, trusting and having fun and hearing the great news of Jesus’ gift of life and saving power for him. Greenbelt came to mean so much to me in my teens and early twenties, as I attended most years into the early 1980s. On my return as a volunteer, and with much less hair, in 2011, it was great bumping into other friends from the old youth group in Wiltshire, whose faith has clearly been challenged and deepened over the years partly through the Greenbelt experience. It does matter to some extent where the festival takes place. But what matters infinitely more is that Greenbelt continues to offer something different, something very special, showing the Way, shining a light on issues of (in)justice, and bringing Christians together to share music, arts and in worship. Thank you, Greenbelt organisers, for taking difficult decisions and for continuing to lead the Greenbelt Festival forward. Happy 40th everybody!

    13 November 2013 21:32
  • Neil says:

    I look forward to being involved and I am very excited about trying out somewhere new. My Grandparents lived nearby and the theme from my point of view sounds interesting.

    13 November 2013 22:10
  • Owen Temple says:

    Bought my tickets already, so we’ll be there. Having only ever Greenbelted at Cheltenham, and not being in the first flush of youth, this is not a “going back” for us as it is for some. There are real personal concerns as to how the venue will work out for us – just as there for some of the other, especially older, bloggers. In the end, though, that’s less important than the long term future of the festival and it’s ability to keep reaching a new generation of Greenbelters. Best of luck to all the organisers, stewards and team as they steer the festival forward in faith.

    13 November 2013 23:19
  • Fat Roland says:

    Sooooooo exiting. This is exactly what the festival needs. See you in 2014, greenbums!

    14 November 2013 00:03
  • Tony Day says:

    Well done for a brave and bold decision. We look forward to new venue but are sorry to leave Cheltenham a it’s close to home. But our loss will be a gain for many. Would echo comments about being able to park our caravan next to friends and family who camp in tents. Three generations, baby sitting, special needs – it helps if we are together. Thanks for all the hard work

    14 November 2013 07:34
  • Andy Bowdler says:

    Mixed feelings!! Whilst Cheltenham isn’t local for those of us in S. Wales it was considerably easier to reach than Northamptonshire – I used to take an hour and a bit to get there. It was also where I studied for 3 years so had memories that predated Greenbelt.

    On the other hand, I am also remember Odell and Castle Ashby festivals, and wonder whether this revisiting of the area might not be a great idea. So, all in all, pros and cons – as with any such development. Go for it and hope to see folk there.

    14 November 2013 09:17
  • Gwyn Evans says:

    After so many years at Cheltenham I had learnt to find my way around the site and plan my Greenbelt days effectively. Keeping my fingers crossed it all works out logistically this year. Time to embrace change and pastures new. Frightening but also interesting…. x Roll on #GB14 (or is it #GB41)??!

    14 November 2013 09:26
  • Matt says:

    Like others I’m concerned that Greenbelt will lose it’s inclusivity that I valued so much at Cheltenham, especially with a three yr old. It was only just tolerable taking him to the toilet there and fear it would be impossible without decent facilities at new venue. Portoloes only fills me with dread! Prepared to give this new venue a chance but would definitely need more answers about parking, camping, on site facilities, etc, especially as it is a much further journey from the south west.

    14 November 2013 13:30
  • Sarah says:

    Sorry GB team but I am feeling really disappointed by the green site, however lovely it may seem, and am finding it hard to see how this will really work for families especially those using buggies; also the thought of using portaloos all weekend for me and with little ones is not a good thought. the same could be said for people who need to use wheelchairs, Cheltenham was such an inclusive site, I hope we can return there once the redevelopment is done. I do hope it works this year as I am sure it has been a difficult decision but at the moment I would need a lot of reassurance as to how it will practically work. Travelling a min of 5 and half hours needs to be worth it.

    14 November 2013 14:02
  • Matthew Stonely says:

    One of those difficult decisions where whatever you chose would bring praise and criticism in equal measure. Hoping that the same is true for ticket sales and for all those it doesn’t suit there’s as many who it does!

    Me I bought the tickets at the festival this year and whilst the buildings, proper toilets etc. were useful with a 3 year old and 18month old I’m more than happy to embrace the change and look forward to a more natural and greener site.

    Roll on GB14!

    14 November 2013 17:20
  • Brenda says:

    I have only known (and loved) Greenbelt at Cheltenham. I’m also a non-camping pensioner and am rather taken aback by the number of people here who seemingly can’t wait to get away from the racecourse and back to the glorious mud. I’m prepared to give it a go – I attend greenfield-site festivals elsewhere – but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to, and maybe I’m the kind of less-intrepid Greenbelter that the people who think the festival has become too comfy would rather not have around any more? Don’t worry, my support as an Angel will not cease, even if it turns out that the new Greenbelt heaven contains no place for me.

    14 November 2013 20:17
  • David Rattray says:

    I will not be there in body. After 82 years of use, it’s wearing out. But, just as I was with you in spirit while Greenbelt was in Cheltenham. (I lived in Cheltenham for a few years while attending an Engineering School in a nearby community.) I will be with you in siprit while you are near Kettering. (I lived with wonderful people in Kettering for almost 6 years during WW2. My home, where my parents continued to live, was in London.)

    14 November 2013 20:18
  • Thomas Bonneville says:

    I’m delighted to hear that GB are moving on from Cheltenham Racecourse, where 47 horses have been killed since 2007, more than on any other track in the country. I enjoyed Greenbelt this year, but how sweet it will be to celebrate the festival far from the cruelty and carnage of the horse racing industry – thank you!

    14 November 2013 21:20
  • Howard says:

    Excellent news – another “new beginning” for Greenbelt. (And a slightly shorter journey for me:) )

    I always look forward to GB, and next year I think will be extra special. Roll on August 2014!

    15 November 2013 08:21
  • Rich Johnstone says:

    Yippppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! In the 20 odd years I’ve been going to GB, I can only remember 4 horrendously muddy events. 1992, 1996, 1997 and last year. I don’t think that’s bad going in general, and Cheltenham proved that even the hardiest of concrete sites can’t protect from the worst the English weather can throw at it. I’m delighted GB is moving back to a greenfield site. A portable, temporary village. Travelling light. Settling for a moment, glimpsing what’s possible, raising up to the challenge of taking that back to our streets. Long may you change, challenge, move on and grow. See you in Northampton in 2014!

    15 November 2013 09:48
  • Julian Beaney says:

    I can see the rationale for the change – the improvement work at Cheltenham has clearly forced the move – it is a shame that the notice was very late. Maybe the move will encourage a new generation of Greenbelt attendees.

    With elderly parents and young children we had already booked accommodation in Cheltenham so unless we can get the deposit back we may be the only Greenbelters in Cheltenham this year! If we can we will attend Greenbelt as it is an important weekend for us but we may not have all our party with us for obvious reasons. We are keen to experience the new set up in whatever way we can – if not this year then definitely in 2015.

    15 November 2013 21:05
  • sue says:

    i am surprised at the overwhelming positive response of these comments. of course, you can never please everyone and i don’t envy those who had to make this decision.

    i’m surprised and saddened by the move away from a site that could offer both indoor and outdoor venues. there seems to be a feeling that if you don’t like the outdoor lifestyle then maybe you aren’t embracing change. personally, i don’t do camping at any time of the year. call it my weakness if you wish but it’s just how i am made. i feel this move to a more rural location means that those of us (and i think there are quite a few – looking at how many choose to stay off-site each year) who really do not like that kind of thing are penalised and left wondering whether we have a place at this festival now? that leaves me very sad and i would have hoped some kind of “middle ground” option to please the different types and needs of people would have been better. of course, i don’t know the in’s and out’s of the decison making process.

    no matter what, i wish greenbelt success wherever it is and i hope, like someone else has said, that there is a place for me in it. right now i am really not sure….

    16 November 2013 00:20
  • Ann Johnson says:

    I’ve only recently heard about Greenbelt but I’m very pleased to hear what sounds like a truly inspiring event is moving away from Cheltenham race course. This place means carnage for racehorses where they continue to be seriously injured and killed for the sake of profit. Apart from the welfare of the horses, surely such a venue sits negatively with the spirit of Greenbelt?

    16 November 2013 09:23
  • Penny Bowden says:

    Looking forward to GB 2014 with a bit of worry re accessibility as I use a mobility scooter, but love the sound of the venue. Yes, it was nice to have posh loos but I probably used the portaloos more as we were out and about most of the time! Got tickets already – well, booked, anyway. Just need to sort out disabled camping and parking…….how long have I got to wait?! ;D

    16 November 2013 21:02
  • dave appleby says:

    thank you for coming further north…

    18 November 2013 20:45
  • Mel says:

    Boughton House is an amazing location, I am so happy about this :)

    19 November 2013 13:42
  • Catherinek says:

    I am excited by the move. But concerned that some people may feel excluded. One plea can we have nice mobile loos with flushing toilets and hot water as I think this is something we have all come to appreciate sorry to be so spoilt. I hear talk of good walk ways to combat potential mud which will hopefully help with access. I think it is shame to loose the buildings but I assume this has resulted in a Lewis venue cost which I think is important for long term sustainability. Oh nd where do I find out about glamping.

    20 November 2013 22:49
  • John Hall says:

    While I can see the reasons for a move to a more central location I will be sorry to leave Cheltenham and the wonderful facilities such as Centaur and the other indoor venues. It’s rather disappointing to be going apparently somewhere without the use of some permanent buildings and toilet facilities.
    Anyhow we’ll give it a try although it is quite a bit further for us to travel.

    27 November 2013 16:54
  • Vincent McCabe says:

    Way to go Greenbelt, it looks absolutely gorgeous, so are you thinking of moving the festival to this site permanently? I have to admit that I never liked the festival as much when we moved to Cheltenham racecourse, in part because of the restrictions on space, with the main stage a real problem for a number of years, and possibly because we were spoilt for space when the festival was held at Castle Ashby. So I am delighted with the new venue, and I am looking forward to all the fun green-belters will definitely experience, as they explore the lush and verdant setting. I will be bringing a newly converted Mercedes bus/motor-home to greenbelt for the first time, and I wish to know if will we be restricted to designated areas, or will we be able to camp (like we have always done when we were at Cheltenham on the helicopter field) with the rest of our friends in general camping?

    20 December 2013 12:59
  • Alan Delaney says:

    I have no doubt that the term “Travelling Light” refers not to how we get onto site but rather our journey in life. However, there is one overriding question that is not being answered.
    As one gets older and stiffer in the joints, lightweight camping is no longer an option and luxurious camping becomes a necessity and that requires driving ones car to the pitchsite to offload the kitchen sink etc.
    I do hope that the Greenbelt committee are monitoring this.
    I for one will not be booking tickets before I get an answer to this and if I don’t like the answer then not only will I not be coming, I will also consider cancelling my direct debit to the Angels. And I don’t think that I will be the only one.
    So answer the question Greenbelt Committee!!!
    Will we be able to drive onto the campsite? Also, what is your plan in case we get bad weather like we did in 2012?

    04 January 2014 16:24
  • Alistair Scott says:

    We have a somewhat distant family connection with Boughton House, in that my Father`s cousin was once Factor (in English, Estate Manager) for The Duke of Buccleuch at his Boughton Estate, Northamptonshire.It is the only Buccleuch estate in England, the other 3 are in southern Scotland. The Duke is chief of the Scott Clan.Of course, Scots are known for their hospitality!
    We look forward with interest to this years` Greenbelt.

    05 January 2014 13:51
  • Alan Darley says:

    Will there be enough secret toilets? Or will we have to go back to portaloos?!

    23 January 2014 13:45
  • Linda Dale says:

    Will the new venue be as accessible by public transport as Cheltenham – we don’t all have cars Greenbelt organisers. Also being of more mature years don’t do camping any longer and don’do the Glastonbury thing any longer so is the new venue near to a town/city as Cheltenham was so people can stay in B&B ‘s and travel to venue.Also seems more ‘open air’ if raining will car parks be hard surface and walkways for pedestrians

    28 January 2014 15:05
  • Major Humbert Lambett-Snodgrass says:

    I have been going to Greenbelt since ’76 and I am absolutely furious.

    Myself and the Memsaab can get to Cheltenham on our tandem from our bungalow up the hill and now you have moved it we can’t cycle there. This means we have to get out our Morris Minor, pack a hamper and take a bivouac. What if it rains? I have a weak bladder and am unable to dig a trench for ‘solids’.

    I am also a very strict primative Methodist and don’t like travelling after sundown.

    So you can take it as highly likely that I will not be attending this year. I have also cancelled my subscription to The Times. This is nothing to do with this complaint, but it was the only thing I could think of doing to show ny displeasure.

    I will sign off now as I can feel the tablets are wearing off.

    Major Humbert Lambett-Snodgrass

    06 February 2014 18:10
  • Bob Floyd says:

    Can we have access for camping on Thursday night? For the more far-flung Belters (20 miles past Glasgow)getting access to site at 9am is a nightmare.You either need to travel overnight, book accommodation locally for Thursday night or not get on site till the decent pitches have all been taken.
    Also, has thought been given to the need nowadays for people to charge phones, there were lots of sockets available at Cheltenham yet even these were over subscribed?

    07 February 2014 19:15
  • Terry says:

    Just come back from Greenbelt 2014,Never been before so no issues with the move, walk to camp site once ok, twice ok ish, third time no, but once your in great camp site, porta loo’s ok but how did you decide on groups of 8 loo’s in each area. 24 hour cafe excellent, venue managers and engineers worked well to the one’s I went to, voulinteers did a great job,so much to see and listen to, Bethlehem unwraped amazing, will I be there next you can count on it.

    27 August 2014 14:53
  • craig stewart says:

    my first greenbelt, i’ve been to other festivals but liked this one best. loved the site, anywhere with so many trees gets my vote! i thought the whole thing was beautiful, challenging, and memrable in the extreme. the atmosphere was magical, all helped by the stunning location. thankyou to all those who organised and built the place so we could all enjoy everything greenbelt had to offer!

    08 September 2014 20:44