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Witty, thinking believers required…

Victoria Coren wrote a piece in the Guardian at the weekend about how atheism seems to have claimed the right to witty and intelligent thinkers, and how intelligent believers should stand up and be counted:

Lord Carey, a previous [Archbishop of Canterbury], complained last week that Britain is ashamed to celebrate Christmas as a religious festival. It's bigger than that: people are embarrassed to believe in God at all. They feel silly.

There is a new, false distinction between "believers" and "rationalists". The trickle-down Dawkins effect has got millions of people thinking that faith is ignorant and childish, with atheism the smart and logical position.


Come on; let's make this a fair fight, at least. Identify yourselves, thinking believers! Don't be cowed into silence by the idea that faith is the weakness of a halfwit, like buying your goldfish Christmas presents or watching ITV2. It isn't.

It's pretty interesting stuff. Have a read...

What do you think? Write a comment below... Who would you say is the theist voice of rationalist thought?


  • @latequartet says:

    Did you see Victoria Cohen's tweets on Wednesday evening (1st Dec. around 9pm) about her meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury? Very funny!

    06 December 2010 16:02
  • Alice Hutchingsw says:

    Right Rev Stephen Cottrell, installed as Bishop of Chelmsford last week. Author of the Emmaus course, Hit the Ground Kneeling, Do Nothing to Change your Life, co author of next year's York Lent course and the one of the funniest liberal minded Bishops around. Sign him up for next year's Greenbelt now!!

    06 December 2010 16:09
  • Dee Blackmore says:

    Isn't this the same Lord Carey that officially launched the 'Not Ashamed' Campaign with it's petition signed by thousands of Christians saying 'We are not ashamed ("or embarrassed") to be called Christians'?

    06 December 2010 16:25
  • Jenny says:

    "The theist voice of rationalist thought"? Contradiction in terms. Even Coren doesn't go so far as to claim otherwise.

    06 December 2010 18:28
  • Rachel Andrew says:

    Keith Ward, author of "Why there almost certainly is a God" (he has spoken at GB on the subject) has to be up there in the ranks of witty and intelligent Christian thinkers.

    07 December 2010 12:13
  • clare weiner says:

    Can their be a theist voice of rational thought while the secularists have moved the goal posts so that"belief" in the "hope of things not seen" is not considered possible, rational, or intellectually respectable? However, Philip Blond on NIghtwaves (Jan 29th) was pretty good on the Christian stance. (Sadly iplayer not possible to re-listen now)
    Keith Ward intellligent & witty, yes, another one.
    We need more in the 30-45 age group though!

    08 December 2010 12:36
  • peter kimble says:

    God loves atheists,but is undecided about agnostics. It doesnt seen rational to me for people to be absorbed in fighting against something they dont belive in, by saying there is no proof of God, therfore he doesnt exist. Two hundred years ago they would refute the existance of atoms. Now physicists are talking about particals being in two places at one time and our intention effecting their behaviour. I pray therfore I AM!

    13 December 2010 09:24