Be part of the bill

Ever wanted to be part of our lineup? Here’s two ways you can be on the bill this year! Richard Navarro’s “Let The People Sing” scratch choir and GTV Youth : Tell It Like It Is – our call out to teens to share a short-form talk with us at the festival.


If you’re under 18 year’s old, then this is for you. 

It’s like this …

You can have 12 minutes at the festival to tell us what you’re thinking, what’s important to you. It’s as simple as that. 

We’ll record your presentation on film and, with your permission, we’ll share your thoughts beyond the festival field on our Youtube Channel. We want you to tell us what you’re thinking.

We’re setting no agenda. Other than we want to hear from young people this Greenbelt – the stuff that bothers you, that excites you, that worries you, that inspires you. 

To be considered, follow the instructions below and apply by midnight on 21 July 2017. It doesn’t need to be high quality. Just tell us what you’re thinking.

We’re looking for four teenagers to give us their kicks. Jolt us out of our complacency. Shout, if needs be. We want to hear you. You have been silent stars too long. Now it’s time to shine. And make some noise!

To apply

Email including the following information: 

  • Name
  • Age
  • Title of Talk
  • Short description of talk (max 500 words)
  • Duration of talk (12 minutes max.)
    Please also attach your script as a word document with your name and the name of your talk in the title. 
  • Link to the video of your talk
  • Password for video (if private)
    Please note that you can send the video via WeTransfer also. Please make sure that your name is clearly displayed in the title of the video. 

Richard Navarro's Let The People Sing

Fancy singing on the main stage this year?

On Monday afternoon, Richard Navarro will be entrusting his extraordinary songs to Greenbelt festival-goers and celebrating the Common Good through the biggest choir Greenbelt has ever seen. And you can be a part of it.

Multi-instrumentalist Richard Navarro and his co-musician Nicholas Thurston are returning to Greenbelt following last year’s jaw-dropping audio-visual show in the Playhouse, and this time they’re upsizing with help from the biggest, brightest and beautiful voices around. (That’s you, that is!).

With the help of the Greenbelt team, the duo is forming a huge choir to perform alongside them during their main stage set on the Monday.

There will be two rehearsals on site during the weekend, and the parts are arranged for a full four-part choir, meaning that all ages, and all types of voices can get involved. The band will guide you through the parts in rehearsals and provide lyrics sheets or written scores, so, whether you’re a seasoned soprano, a bathroom-only bass or new to singing in a group, you can get stuck straight into the singing.

The new set of songs – entitled “Firewatching” – tells the story of some intriguing characters from the history of the musicians’ hometown, Canterbury. As well as being gorgeously folky and downright funky, this is music that celebrates the strength, courage and compassion of the heroes and heroines of their city’s past. Taking part will be a brilliant, exhilarating way to be a part of a new musical venture and meet like-minded types along the way.

If you are interested in being a part of the choir for Richard Navarro’s Greenbelt show, please complete the form via the link on the right here.

Once you have signed up, you will be given more details including directions to a webpage containing all the songs plus lyrics and sheet music.

A couple of things to note:

  • Although it will be possible to pick things up for the first time during the rehearsals at Greenbelt, to really get the most out of the experience some advance listening and preparation will be encouraged.
  • This opportunity is only open to festival-goers who are already attending Greenbelt (I’m sure you guessed that anyway!)
  • 75 spaces only

Sign up to join the choir here.