Interact presented by Andy Robertson

Interact presented by Andy Robertson

Andy Robertson is a journalist for national newspapers specialising on technology and families. He runs the Family Gamer TV YouTube channel.

He spoke at TEDx about video-games as meaningful experiences and has pursued their use in unusual forms – from cathedral services to arts festivals, local parks, and schools.

Last year he ran the Interact stream at Greenbelt that tested, discussed and introduced how interactive technology and spirituality go together. We played, laughed, cried, discussed and even danced around unusual meaningful interactions and games.

Video-games at an arts festival? In a groundbreaking set of talks, hands-on exhibits and discussions Greenbelt is inviting you to get more than entertainment from the games you and your family play. Some talks and games are for all ages, but some aim to offer adults new ways to hear stories, interact and encounter God.

Investigate the cultural quality of interactive experiences that challenge and invite players to consider difficult questions in new ways. Visit previously undreamed of worlds and fresh ways to make sense of life.

Together we will be honest about video-games’ problematic propensity to violence but will discover this doesn’t eclipse meaningful stories, surprising non-trivial interactions and spiritual encounters offered in brand new ways by this new media.

Whether you think games simply aren’t for you, are bewildered by buttons or worry about detrimental effects of screen-time (or even play them avidly every day), this is a unique opportunity to discover their potential.

Interact offers two talks, two opportunities to play through unusual video-games together and two dusk game sessions on The Lawn. All the sessions will have the same people running them and offer opportunities to ask questions, poke, prod and find out more about what video-games may have to offer your spiritual life.