22 - 25 August 2014, Boughton House


As a Festival, Greenbelt is trying to minimise its environmental impact and ensure its practices are as sustainable as they can be. It’s a tall order for a four-day festival, but it’s something we’re very committed to.

In 2013 Greenbelt received an award in the ‘Greener Festival’ category from A Greener Festival. There’s still more we can do together… here’s some practical stuff we’re already doing… please join in!


Transport represents the biggest environmental impact of the Festival. This year we’re encouraging more lift sharing by using Go Car Share, where you can request a lift or give someone a ride to Kettering.

Boughton House is just a 15 minute drive away from Kettering station and we will have a shuttle bus getting people to site so why not consider taking the train this year to the festival?

Environmental levy

In 2008 we introduced an opt-in levy at the ticket booking stage so that people can choose to make a donation which we will ring-fence and then give to a nominated project towards improving our sustainability and assisting projects in the developing world where there is a struggle with the effects of climate change.


A massive recycling operation is in place at the Festival and we encourage recycling of glass, plastic and cans, and collect biodegradable waste.

  • All on-site caterers are required to use biodegradable or reusable food packaging.
  • We use reusable beer glasses in our on-site bar.
  • The polybag outers that the Greenbelt literature is sent in is oxybiodegradable.
  • Site vibing is carried out using recycled materials from scrap-store.

On-site energy use

  • We are introducing daylight sensors for some external lighting
  • Using energy efficient bulbs in venue lighting
  • Introducing switching for venue lighting, where this won’t compromise security


The Festival Guide and all its year-round publicity is now printed by Calverts, a cooperative printing house in London. We always use FSC certified stock. Mostly from Fedrigoni (read Fedrigoni’s environmental policy).

Catering and trading

  • The use of fair-trade products has been encouraged across the festival over the last few years and in 2004 all caterers bar one used fair-trade products
  • Caterers are encouraged to provide food from local sources.
  • All Greenbelt branded garments are made with organic, fairly traded cotton

Page last updated 02 Jun 2015